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Hematoma on head

My baby has a hematoma that is pretty big on the side of her head from labor. She was not vacuum assisted but I guess it's common during that procedure. The pedi told me it would take about 3 weeks to go away, but it's still the same size and has not gone down at all and she is almost two weeks. Anyone's LO had/have this? If so, how long did it take to go away?
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Re: Hematoma on head

  • My LO is 7 days old today and has same thing... I've notices its shrinking but definitely was told to be patient while it went away. Ped assured me it will go away, and it doesn't bother him. Hang in there, I'm with ya.
  • DD has one I was told it could take up to 6 months to completely go away. 

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  • My first DD had a huge one. It was a long slow process. It wasn't completely gone until about 3 months. It was so gradual I had to look back at pictures to determine when it was gone. She's had no ill effects from it.
  • Thanks all! She had a touch of jaundice which the dr said was probably caused by it, but that has since gone away. Glad to know that it could take awhile, was just worried when the dr said 3 weeks but it hasn't gone down any.
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  • My little guy has one but he was vacuum assisted. It's already gone down significantly and he's not two weeks yet. Hopefully it will be completely gone soon. Sorry your LO is taking so long but I'm sure she will be just fine and it will go away soon.
  • I'm pretty sure my LO had a small one as well. Was a bump on her head. No doctor mentioned it. It's slowly going away. she will be 2 weeks tomorrow
  • An update - it started going away this week, and now it is almost completely gone! She will be three weeks tomorrow, so I guess the dr was right with his estimate :) It's kind of amazing how it went from huge to almost not noticeable in the natter of a few days
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