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First time mom here. Should I track feeds, sleeps, etc.?

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Hi Ladies! I'm a first-time mom trying to decide how or even whether I need to record my daughter's feeds, sleeps, and BMs. Here are some questions I have: 
  • How do you record this information now? What are the pros/cons of whatever method you use now?
  • What type of stuff do you track? Feeds I get, but what else?
  • Why do I need to record this in the first place? What do you do with all this stuff you're tracking?
  • How, in the world, do you remember to record this info when you're half asleep? :)
Thanks so much! Very much appreciate any advice and whatever personal experiences you have!

Re: First time mom here. Should I track feeds, sleeps, etc.?

  • I only tracked feeds and diapers for the first couple weeks- I asked the ped at my LOs 2 week appointment if I need to track and she said not anymore! I started again at 6 weeks because I was curious but gave up after a couple days as I found it more stressful.
  • I did for probably a month or so, just so I would know when she last ate, got changed etc. not sleep bc she was not consistent with sleeping in any way. I was so exhausted and sleep deprived in the beginning that I almost didn't remember what my own name was. How would I ever remember when I fed her, for how long, which side etc etc. Once you get into the swing of things it gets easier and you won't need notes. In the beginning it's useful to see that in black and white. Oh, when K was born I didn't have an iPhone with apps so I just made notes in a daily planner type calendar.
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  • It's pretty important to track at least BMs and wet diapers for the first couple weeks to a month to be sure baby is getting enough milk.  (How many wet/dirties they have each day is a great indicator of how much they get.) Plus the pedi will likely ask how often baby is eating/pooping/peeing at those first few appointments.

    I agree, get an app.  Then you can just enter it as you nurse and right after you change baby.  Easy peasy.

    I only tracked for the first few weeks though.  After that I knew he was growing well, and I just kept a count in my head of diapers if I was worried on a particular day.  
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  • i used an app called Mama Baby only for the first 3 months
    It helped me recognize any patterns and keep track of diapers, feedings in my sleep-deprived state
    I found it helpful in the beginning bc i am a FTM but don't use it much now as i am more aware of her current patterns

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  • I downloaded an app, but ended up just writing it down on a piece of paper so that DH could make notes too.  I tracked the time, which side(s) LO nursed on and for how long, and wet/dirty diapers.  The info is very helpful for reassuring yourself that LO is getting enough milk.  

  • I found a notebook easier than an app.
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  • I recorded feeding for DD for a year! (months 4-12 were with a nanny so I knew what happened when I was gone.). I have also diligently tracked feedings for DS for the last 13 weeks so I knew trends. I seriously could not remember from one day to the next if I didn't write it down. I can't remember a few hours sometimes!


  • You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for all the advice. :)
  • +1 to Baby Connect! DH and I both have it. DD is 15 wks and we are still using it... I find the app really helpful to look for patterns when I notice something seems "off" with DD (e.g. growth spurt, sick, etc.). I have a terrible memory so having the data saved electronically really helps me. Also, as a PP mentioned the pedi will often ask about # of wet diapers, etc.
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