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due may 6th 2015

I have miscarried twice and am pregnant now, I would love tip know if anyone has any tips for me, or even if you've been in this situation, I'm looking for some support. I am super excited for my Lil one to come, but still worries me sometimes about my other miscarriages.

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  • My last pregnancy was ectopic. So um getting regular hcg tests. It won't prevent a m/c but could give some peace of mind that things are progressing as they should. also you may like the pregnant after loss group. They understand the anxiety we are struggling with. Hope this helps. :)
  • If I go by last period, we have the same due date. Congrats!
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  • Congrats!  There are really no tips anyone can give you other than relax and enjoy your pregnancy.  I second maybe joining the pregnant after loss board.  I don't second you continuing to pee on things. A positive test doesn't really tell you things are progressing as they should.  I truly hope this time its a sticky OP.  
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  • This is my 3rd pregnancy, first two were miscarriages. My husband and I are very excited but also hesitant to get too invested, as we were so devastated the first two times. I find myself not believing I'm actually pregnant. I am due May 7th as of now, but we will find out more at our first appointment on the 24th. Trying to be patient, positive, and healthy until then! Good luck, hope we both have healthy pregnancies and babies in May!!
  • I'm due May 5th :)
  • Try the PGAL board, a lot of support and understanding there.
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  • Is my app playing games or is there no May 2015 birth month club?
  • I am due may 8th. my first APPT with OB at September 30th. I am alittle nervous it's too late
  • I'm due 5/3/15 and had my ultrasound the day before to confirm a fetal sac. HCG lvls were tested 2 weeks ago to confirm pregnancy and it more than doubled in less than 48 hrs. I'll be getting my next u.s. in 2 weeks to check for heart beat. I had a mc 2 cycles ago at 6w4d. I check my BBT every morning to give me a peace of mind. I tracked during my last pregnancy and started spotting the evening my BBT dropped so I'm stressing a bit every morning now with my BBT results. @-)
  • I am also due May 6th! Try to be patient and think positive thoughts! Are you taking any prenatal meds yet?
  • Thanks Jersey!
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