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Lila/Lylah/Lilah or Double First Name?

We're having a girl and the front running first name is Lila, which is conveniently a combination of both of our mother's names (first two letters of MIL and last syllable of my mom).

Which spelling do you like better?

a. Lila

b. Lilah

c. Lylah

d. other?

We also like "Marie" as the middle name (a family name) but DH wants the double first name of "Lylah-Marie" (no middle name) which for a child is fine but I don't think it works as well later in life as an adult. I told him he can call her "Lylah Marie" all he wants but this way she has the option of using it or not when she gets older. Thoughts?

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Re: Lila/Lylah/Lilah or Double First Name?

  • I spell it Lyla.

     I don't like the combo double first name idea.

    Lyla Marie as 2 names is just fine.

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  • Lila and  Marie as a mn. GL

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  • I don't like the double first name thing. And I prefer Lilah for spelling.
  • I like Lila or Lilah best, but that's just my style.  I do think Lylah looks pretty, too. 

     I don't like the double first name idea either. 

  • image KarlsSweetie05:

    I spell it Lyla.

     I don't like the combo double first name idea.

    Lyla Marie as 2 names is just fine.

    I agree and I do like Lyla or Lylah. I think Lila might sometimes be read as LEE-lah. Teachers sometimes have a way of butchering names.

  • I like Lila or Lilah best! What a pretty name choice!

  • I think Lila or Lilah are the best choices. I think Marie is a beautiful mn choice.


  • Obviously I like Lila...that's what I'm naming my baby.
  • Lila is a front runner for us as well...I choose to spell it as such...I don't really know why, it just automatically came to me that way.
  • are you pronouncing it ly-lah or lee-la?

    I am assuming ly-lah.  And if I am right then I really like Lyla better than all the options you gave.   Very pretty name.

  • Hate the overusage of the letter "y." Hate.

    Lila or Lilah.

  • Lila, it's DD's name

  • Definitely Lila.  Agree with the overusage of the letter y, per previous poster.

    My daughter's name is Liliana (Italian for Lillian) and I sometimes call her Lila.

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  • Spell it Lila or Lilah.  Not Lylah, that looks made up.

    I'm a huge fan of double first names (I'm Southern, so tons of women in my family have double first names).  But you do NOT hyphenate!!!  Hyphens have no place in names.  If you want to give her a double first name, you just call her by two first names every time you say her name -- Lila Marie.  No hyphen.  You can also give her a third first name, and that would be her "middle name."

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  • I like Lilah.

    I really hate Lylah just because of that dang y. I also do not like double first names but I do think Marie goes great with Lilah.

  • I love Lilah spelled this way. Lila looks incomplete to me. And I would leave Marie as the mn and let him call her both names. Everyone in my family on my dad's side is called by first and middle all the time!
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  • I like Lila Marie, sometimes the "y" for an "i" doesn't work well. My parent's did it to me and most people have a hard time figuring out my name.
  • My aunt's name is Lila, so that spelling is my preference.  I sorta like Lilah, but it would be one of those circumstances where your DD would have to spell her name everytime as I don't think people would naturally expect the "h" at the end.
  • I like Lila and Marie as a middle.
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  • I prefer Lyla.  Lila, looks like it would be pronouced lil-a to me.

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