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Potty Training

Should we just go for it?

Kiddo currently will pee in the potty if we take him there. He's only pooped in his diaper once this week (in the potty the rest of the time while exclaiming "I'm not going to poop in my diaper anymore!"). Diapers can remain dry for an hour or 2 at a time except for naps. He'll use the potty at home, in public restrooms, strange homes, and at daycare. He's been using the potty at home for months and at daycare for the last month or so.

He doesn't tell us most of the time if he needs to pee or poop though.

Daycare suggested trying underwear this long weekend. Is kiddo ready for this step?

Re: Should we just go for it?

  • Go for it.  Don't push just follow his lead.  As long as you keep it light and stress free it shouldn't have any negative impact if he's not ready.  If he seems to struggle just back off.  
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  • I say go for it! Sounds like he's ready & already there mostly!
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  • So we tried it.
    Day 1: 1 accident
    Day 2: 3 accidents, all before nap, but none after nap
    Day 3: No accidents!

    He does need a fair bit of reminding to go, but he does go once you convince him to get to the bathroom. All 3 naps, he woke up dry and immediately headed to the bathroom upon waking up w/o any prompting (I'd discover him in there, half asleep upon hearing noises upstairs). And this morning he woke up with a mostly dry diaper. So he's in daycare with underwear today. We'll see how it goes in this environment!
  • And he didn't have any accidents!

    He doesn't seem to like being ask/ told he should go use the bathroom. So if he keeps up the clean underwear, we will start just letting him completely run the show w/o reminders.
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