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Coeur d'alene obgyn/family practice recs

Good morning!
I'm relocating to coeur d'alene in a few weeks and am 10 weeks along so would like to get some recommendations for a doctor there. I am currently seeing a family practice doctor and love that my son and I can go to the same doctor... but that's not absolutely necessary.

One major thing I'm looking for is a doctor who doesn't seem to push medication every time you go in. I feel like I've had bad luck lately with doctors who are constantly trying to push some medication or another. I even had one write me a prescription for Zoloft at the beginning of my pregnancy for "just in case" I developed pregnancy anxiety, and that frustrates me. I'd like a doctor who understands my desire to take as few meds as possible and to TRY to eat healthy to cure most ailments, etc.

I hope this doesn't sound holier-than-thou... I know sometimes it can come across that way when typing! I just feel very strongly about the overuse of drugs in the American healthcare system and like to feel like my opinion is heard when it comes to my own body. =]

Re: Coeur d'alene obgyn/family practice recs

  • Hi, 
    I live in Hayden Lake, just north of CdA (what everyone here calls Coeur d'Alene) and I take my daughter to a family doctor, Brittany Burns.  She's with Family Medicine CdA, and is located right by the hospital.
    So far we've only done check-ups, and she's a traditional medicine kind of doctor, but her husband runs our local Crossfit gym, so she's more into whole foods, etc.  Not sure about the med part, since my daughter hasn't really ever been sick.
    I also really like my Nurse Practitioner at Health Care for Women, her name is Stephanie Harrison, but that would not guarantee that she would deliver, it could be any OBs in the practice.  I don't go to her for pregnancy (I used Dayspring Midwifery,for that and delivery), but I do go there for yearly visits, etc.
    Message me if you have any other questions or find me on Facebook - Angela Drewien.
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    PP's suggestion of Burns is a good one. She's my gen practice doctor, and she's great. Just don't see her for OB. 
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