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Weight Gain

I feel like Ive gained too much weight... I was 110 before getting pregnant. Now, at 28 wks I am 140. Is that normal? Also, I dont know if this is related but I failed my first glucose screening test (scored 165) and have to go back for the three hr one...

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  • Like PP said, weight gain varies a lot from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy.  I gained 40+ with my first, and because of feeling sick a lot this time, I'll probably only gain 20 ish pounds.  A lot of it depends upon your size before getting pregnant, how sick you've felt, and other factors that are hard to control.  Eating healthy and staying appropriately active (walks, more if you're used to doing exercise) are important, and if you're doing that, I think the amount of weight you gain is not a big deal.  Some women need to gain a lot in order to support a healthy baby.

    That said, excess and rapid weight gain can be a sign of gestational diabetes.  You won't know until you get your 3 hr glucose test results back.  And if you do have GD, you'll likely be referred to a nutritionist to keep it under control.
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  • Normal for some is not normal for others so it all depends on you. Im going to gain about 50 with this pregnancy if that makes you feel better. I wasnt sick once and have not lost my appetite the entire pregnancy so im sure that makes a difference. My OB/MF isnt worried so neither am i. Just talk to your OB.
  • I gained 50 + pounds and failed my first glucose as well. I ended up being fine, no gestational diabetes, but it was an emotional roller coaster fir sure. Good luck and try to not worry about the weight, you have something more precious to worry about growing inside you :)
  • I was 114lb when I found out and am at 158 now. I asked my doctor if they were concerned and they said no. So like PP have said everyone is different and weight varies for everybody. If your OB is not worried or concerned I wouldn't be either.
  • With my first pregnancy I gained 100 lbs I was 143 when I got prego & 245 when I had my LO... with my 2nd I have only gained 23lbs will be 35 weeks this thurs. I was really tramatized that I would gain a ton of weight like I did with my first (since it took me 4 years to loose the weight) so I have really watched what I eat... don't get me wrong I eat ALOT but its fruits and veggies all clean foods... and I also became lactose intolerant this pregnancy and I think the removal of dairy (and ice cream) has really helped me to maintain a healthy weight. I also walk 30 minutes to an hour each evening with my now 4 year old (she rides her bike) At the end of the day I know my body will do what it is going to do, and that this weight is for my little girl. I stay away from the scale, and eat when I am hungry but portion control and food types have been my saving grace! At the end of the day if I did my best to eat clean and went on my walk it was good and I tried and it is what it is... a healthy LO is all that matters!
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