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Nut allergy/school

Today my sons daycare teacher fed him cracker jacks. He has a severe allergy to nuts, which they know and they have an epipen there for him as well as directions and an allergy list on thir desk. When I picked him up thy said, oh your son just threw up we were going to call you. My first question was what did he eat, found out it was cracker jacks. they hadn't even called me! I took him home and gave him Benadryl and called his pediatrician, was told to moniter him. Well he threw up 4 more times so took him to the ER to be on safe side. This time he had no hives like he has before. My concern is what do I do now about his school? I am beyond pissed they fed him that and then didn't react urgently enough or call me. Do I keep him there for the summer or not? do i take him tomorrow? i dont have other daycare lined up.he has been there four years but if they are going to be negligent like this I can't trust them. I am jus baffled this happended and how.

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  • That's terrible and negligence. I would be livid. 

    I'm glad his reaction wasn't more severe. What did the educators say when you questioned them and they realized they fed him something they shouldn't have?!

    Have you contacted the director? 

    I think I'd be so upset that I would have contacted the director and probably gone higher up (depending on how things are organized there). I would be brewing up a storm (but that's me). 

    Whether or not you keep him there depends on your level of comfort and obviously, your situation. 
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  • Director it!!

    To me it isn't even they made the mistake of feeding him the wrong thing as they didn't take any action after! I know mistakes happen even in set plans of action but the fact they did nothing is what gets me.
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  • Omg! How awful! Does your daycare have a peanut/nut free facility policy? Ours doesn't allow teachers or students to bring anything that contains nuts into the daycare, let alone feed it to another kid! I would be fuming too!! Thank goodness he's okay. I would escalate this up the flagpole as far as I could...director, owner, whoever!
  • Wow! I would be livid as well. I would definitely talk to the director and see how they handle it. I would feel wary about keeping him there though, personally. I'm sorry. :(
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  • Yeah, the teacher's complete cluelessness about your son's allergy would really worry me. I'd be looking for a center that doesn't allow peanuts/tree nuts.
  • Talk to the director. Maybe look at a school that is peanut free until your child is old enough to know what they can and can't eat. Our daycare is peanut free, makes for a lot less worrying! 

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  • Why is it not a peanut free zone?! That is unacceptable

  • Peanuts aren't nuts in case anyone is confused. I'm allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts. Cracker jacks are processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts and the cross contamination can make people really sick. I'd be mad!
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