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Returning to work tomorrow question

LO is 12 weeks and ebf.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work and LO will be staying home with DH. My question is that today LO slept from 10pm til 830am. If this happens again tomorrow or any other day she is home with DH should I just let her sleep and pump before I leave or wake her to feed?

She will be in daycare 4 days a week and home with myself or DH the other 3 days. On daycare days we have to leave the house about 730.

I have a good freezer supply (about 200 oz) but still worry about the decreased supply since I can probably only pump 2 times a day at work.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Returning to work tomorrow question

  • Yes the same thing happens to me. I do wake up engored, she eats from one side, falls back to sleep, and I pump both sides in order to be comfortable and add to my stash. (I have a very healthy supply.) I'm a FTM and I guess I'm deciding if it's selfish of me to wake her to eat or it's better for her (one less supplemented feed.) Thanks
  • When my DD was little, I used to wake her on my office days at 4:30a, change her, nurse her, and then put her back to bed. She would sleep until 7a when my DH would get her up and ready for daycare. Back then I was only going to the office 3 days a week. The other days, when I was teleworking, I'd pump before working and then wake her at 7a for a nursing session.

    This time around I'll do something similar though I'll likely only have one office day per week.
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  • I'd wake her up :)
  • I wake up by baby to way before work. At first, I would also pump in the morning, but I cut out that pump at 6 months.
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  • I'd wake her. But I'd also figure out how to pump more than 2x/day at work if you want to keep up your supply.
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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I appreciate it. I'm going to wake her tomorrow if she doesn't wake on her own. She'll go back to sleep after and I'll pump. I don't see how I can pump more than twice at work as I work In a hospital and have to see patients in a group setting from 8am - 1130/12 then again from 115 to 430. Hoping to pump at 1130, 1245, and if I can at 230. We'll see how it goes.
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  • Work went well and I found 3 times to pump at work along with once after the am feed. 3 times a day is going to e difficult to maintain and still get all of my work done within my time frame of 8-430. I may have to add a night pump or something when my supply drops.

    LO decided to wake at 430 and 5 minutes after my alarm at 645 so I didn't have I worry about waking her.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  • I always wake up early to pump both sides, shower and get ready, and then wake DD to nurse her. My morning pump makes up for the fact that I can only pump every 4 hours at work instead of every 3. It works well for me although waking up early to pump is awful.
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