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QUESTION!! Mamas w/outside babies already...

Are any/all of you already sleeping on your backs or stomachs again?? I'm INSANELY jealous!
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Re: QUESTION!! Mamas w/outside babies already...

  • I'm looking forward to it, but I couldn't even roll over on my side when my BP spiked yesterday in the hospital. Csections are no joke. Looking forward to trying again in a few days, though!
  • I cannot wait to sleep on my back again. I toss and turn all night right now. I seriously don't think I go more than an hour without waking up.
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  • I'll go to sleep on my back or mostly on my stomach but no matter what way I'm laying I always seem to end up on my side facing Emma. My hips hate it. I guess I need to sleep with my head toward the foot of the bed so that my hips get a break.

  • Hell yeah I'm sleeping on my back. It's glorious.
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  • Back! My stitches made getting up from my side total hell so it's been so damn nice to lay on my back. Slightly panicked this morning when I woke up in that position but then I remembered baby boy is out!
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  • Sleeping only on my back and it is glorious! I tried laying on my side yesterday and it was definitely uncomfortable. Too afraid to try my stomach due to csection.

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  • I remember when I was preggo with DD thinking I was going to immediately be able to go back to tummy sleeping. Then my milk came in as soon as we got home from the hospital, and I still couldn't! I had to stick to back sleeping for a while, but I usually woke up on my side because I was used to it.
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  • So ready for sleeping in normal positions! A few more weeks. I remember after dd2 was born, I layed the hospital bed as flat as it would go and told dh that it was the most amazing thing ever to be able to lay on my stomach. Totally going to happen again.
  • oh yes after reading some of the comments... laying flat on my back is pretty glorious. I missed stretching out like this.

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  • Back sleeping will be so AWESOME!!! That's the way that I normally sleep, so it will be such a relief.  (Not to mention when I get cleared for some intimate time with hubby after the 6 weeks are up.  Being able to lay on my back for that will be awesome too!)  lol  ;-)
  • OMG I can't wait for this.  Every time I see someone lying on their back/stomach in a movie/TV show/photo, I get angrily jealous.  I think it's what I'm most looking forward to... aside from holding my baby, obvs!
  • I miss sleeping on my back and stomach so bad. Definitely looking forward to it in the couple weeks. Stomach probably won't be for a while even after squish gets here since the boobs get in the way. Jealous of the outside baby ladies that are sleeping on backs


  • I'm jealous. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my tummy. I can sleep on my back tho, it gives my hips relief.
    I do remember that after my CS it was 6 weeks before I could sleep on my belly bc I was still bloated and the incision was still super tender. I hope it doesn't take that long this time.
  • Sleeping?? What's that!? :) My girl has the day and night mixed up right now, but when I do sleep, back and stomach sleeping are awesome.


    JustCricket[Deleted User]MrsLaLaBug
  • Sleep? You're sleeping???? For the cat naps I'm allowed, I sleep on my side...but ive always been a side sleeper. Sometimes I do flip onto my back for some pain relief.
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  • Finally I see the benefits of having no boobs!! (A's still after DD1!!) at the hospital I laid the bed down as flat as it would go and rolled onto my tummy!! And there was no baby to squish or boobs!!
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