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So how are your pets reacting to your LOs?

We have 3 dogs. The malamute mostly ignores LO, but she'll randomly check on him. The Australian Shepard mix is the most protective, though the first few days she was very jealous. She's daddy's little girl.
My Doxie mix is the most jealous. He won't leave my side. He used to sit out in the yard for hours, now he us permanently attached to me. It's driving me nuts. I hope it's just a phase & it passes.

Re: So how are your pets reacting to your LOs?

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  • Our golden is an awesome big bro to DD :) very interested in her noises and checks in every once in a while

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  • Our golden doodle was jealous at first but that has passed. Now he checks up on her and sits next to the mat with a bone during tummy time. At night, he moves downstairs to sleep when she is fussy. He doesn't want his sleep interrupted. Haha

    Sorry the pic is turned, I don't know how to fix it.

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  • The cats have mostly gotten used to her, but they don't want much to do with her and keep their distance. They do look at her when she groans and snuffles in her sleep to see what's going on and I don't think they've figured it out at all, lol.

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  • Our one cat is insanely jealous and will try to climb on my lab on occasion while I'm holding or feeding LO. He's very sweet but also very big (ok fat, he's 20 lbs) and it makes me nervous. Luckily he never goes anywhere near where LO sleeps. Our crazy border collie was doing OK and is very protective of LO and tries to kiss his toes all the time. Sadly he is also very protective of me and the other day when I was eating something while holding LO, he growled for a second in LO's direction. I have never hit him before but I did that day and told him he was going to the pound if he ever did anything like that again.

    I meant it too. It makes me sad because he was my first (fur)baby and I used to judge people who gave their pets up after having a baby but if it comes to that I won't think twice. I think he realized my attitude towards him changed very quickly and he has stayed far away from us and LO when food is involved.

    This is more of a FFFC but for the first time in my life, I wish we didn't have pets. Our pets don't deserve that so I hope my attitude changes soon...

    Sorry that got so long :(
  • My rat terriers are in love with my lo! They have never been more well behaved. I am still sort of in shock! They were getting into fights with each other and were way to over protective before lo arrived. Now they are totally different dogs! They even bring him toys to play with. It is crazy to me that this is what ended up happening!
  • This is our second, so our boston terriers have done his whole song and dance before. One was insanely excited to meet the new baby (she's kid obsessed) and we have to watch her or she will sniff and give kisses, our other one is fairly indifferent, he's not old enough to drop any food for her yet, and that's all she cares about ;)

    They both are pretty hilarious playmates with our almost 3 year old though, they play chase with him, and LOVE when he plays in his little pop up tent, I have caught them playing in that thing when he was already in bed for the night!
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  • Boston Terrier here also and right now he is playing "tag" with the toddler. She is laughing hard.

    He ignores the baby.
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  • Cats have adjusted well. They sniff at her often. Lay near me if she's with me. They are calling out for attention more often so we try our best to play with them each day. They act very concerned when she crys and they findme qquickly to "tell" me.
  • Our cat has been amazing! Overnight he went from being the spoiled baby to the self-appointed big brother/protector of DS. He'll curl up next to us during feedings, sleep at the foot of the bassinet or crib while DS naps, and glares at all our visitors who come over to see the new baby ;) All my fears of aggression have been erased.

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  • Our Scottie is treating this baby like old hat, lol. She is interested, but not overly so. She gets so much attention from the other kids, she's not to worried about the little blob on the couch. Yet. ;)

    She'll get far more interested when baby girl hits the mobile stage.
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  • I'm so lucky that my mom kept our two poodles for the first 3 weeks with LO. This has been our first full week having them back at home. They are curious but not overly interested. The male seems more jealous and is begging to be on the couch or given food more than usual. The female checks on LO when he starts to wake up. She sleeps under his napper now which is pretty cute. 
  • Ahh it was nice when LO was first born & our parents kept our dogs for a few days while we got settled at home. Three weeks would have been a-mazing.
    Now I feel like a bad doggy mom for thinking that.
  • Mo, our poodle/terrier mix, has surprised me with how well he's adjusted to having a new baby in the house (him being the first baby!). Lots of interest, concern when LO cries, toe and head kisses and frequent check-ins at the PNP where he sleeps. I'm so proud of him.

    But day 1 it was more like this:

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  • My cat could care less about the new baby. He still is clingy towards me and gets excited in the middle of the night when we go for feedings because he thinks it's time for him to be fed too.

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  • Our cat is mostly not interested but occasionally will check in with her especially when she makes noises. If she starts to cry he usually leaves the room quickly.


  • Cooper, our Min Pin, is doing really well. Hes super yappy at strangers and super lovey with those in the inner circle. He understands that DS is part of the fam and is super concerned every time DS cries.
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