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a bend in the space/time continuum

I've discovered that the longest minute in existence is waiting for the Basil thermometer to beep so I can get up and go pee in the morning. Ack!

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Re: a bend in the space/time continuum

  • So true!!! I think I bought a crappy thermometer, because it can take up to THREE MINUTES for the stupid and thing to beep some days. That is clearly way too long for me to wait to get out of bed and use the bathroom.
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  • Yes!!! It's like a race to see if it finishes and I can get the temp in FF before the snooze ends.
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  • I was so out of it this morning, I accidentally turned it off and had it in my mouth off!! Then I was half asleep wondering why the damn thing hadn't beeped yet. Finally realized after having to get a light on to check it... 
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  • Rumbera28 said:
    I have fallen back asleep waiting for that thing to beep more than once.  Then it slips out of my mouth, ugh.
    @Rumbera28: I was going to ask if this had happened to anyone else!


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