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~~~Sunday ticker change~~~

Good morning ladies!!!

If anyone still has an inside baby, let me know!

DD is 1 month old. Hard to believe #babiesdontkeep

She slept thru the night! Put her down at midnight. She usually wakes for a 3 am feeding, but last night She slept until almost 6!

Things are going good! Last Sunday my 4yo broke her arm. So it's been an interesting week. Hoping she heals quickly. Her bday party is today ;)

Let me know if you would like these checkins to continue, otherwise, we/I can stop. :(

Have a great week!
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cachoque[Deleted User]midwestFNP

Re: ~~~Sunday ticker change~~~

  • Yes, I like the checkins if you're up for it and others want to keep it up. I'm fighting a horrible case of mastitis.. Two days ago my sister left work to come over bc I was scared I'd pass out with baby. My fever and shakes were that bad! But things are looking up. I was getting 1/3 the amount out of the infected breast compared to the other but after exclusively pumping the bad one and EBF the good one, I'm now getting about 3/4 of the good one out of the bad one.
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    [Deleted User]mislogis
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  • I like the check ins too. It's nice to have a smaller group to chat with. I'm excited for everyone to have an outside baby though! @andatcdc‌ It'll be soon!

    LO is 3 1/2 weeks. He's been really fussy, and I'm having trouble figuring it out. I actually think it might be reflux or that his belly might need the sensitive formula. I hope I can figure it out soon so my little guy is happy!
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  • I enjoy the check-ins too.
    DS is 2 1/2 weeks old. We have been having a tough time getting him to gain weight as my milk hasn't really come in well. We finally were up 3 oz from our lowest weight on Friday, and will get checked again on Tues.
    I'm still fighting to be able to BF, but we have had to supplement a little bit of formula too. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can work through this, and get back to EBF.
    Thinking of all the mommies with inside babies. You'll be holding your wee ones soon!
  • @CapsFan52‌ if fussy happens mainly at night, my dr have me a list of "why babies cry" I thought it was silly since this is my third, but it had good reminders.

    Like when they are gassy, fussy or crying, put them in a warm bath (this helps with gas and gets them to poop)

    Burp mid feeding. As soon as V starts attaching and reattaching I burp her. I also burp between each breast (she will generally nurse both sides) the extra burping has help keep her gas levels down.

    Do the bicycle legs. Totally helps. As well as helping her sit upright. The actions of standing her up and helping her sit down helps too :)

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    [Deleted User]
  • Ok ladies! I have no problem keeping up with the checkins :) I like out little Sunday group too!

    Hang in there @andatcdc‌! Sending labor dust your way and hope you get to hold your squishy soon!
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    [Deleted User]andatcdc
  • Hello ladies! I am a day late checking in. My squish was 4 weeks this past Friday. Maternity leave is flying by! @mislogis‌ my LO has been sleeping longer stretches at night too! We have had several 6-7 hour nights. I woke up and it was past her 3am feeding and I couldn't believe it! I hope this keeps up.
    @andatcdc‌ I'm sorry you're still pregnant! I remember those days towards the very end. I cried a lot. It will all be over soon and the wait to meet your LO is so worth it! Try to relax and get a massage or pedicure or something. Have a great week ladies! I vote to keep the check-in too.
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