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DD loves the Moby but DH is afraid to use it...suggestions?

I'm finding that DD will stay in the Moby with me for about 2 hours a day.

I've encouraged DH to try it with her but it's been 4 weeks and he has yet to touch it. He's actually said he doesn't feel comfortable because it's just a piece of fabric and is afraid he won't put it on right or she'll fall out. 

What do you think might be a good investment carrier that DH would like and that we could both use?


Re: DD loves the Moby but DH is afraid to use it...suggestions?

  • Baby bjorn? I haven't actually used mine yet, but it seems sturdy enough. I feel the same way as your husband, but would feel comfortable using the bjorn.
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  • DH was the same with our first. He preferred the Ergo or Infantino Mei Tai.
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  • Make sure to take your DH somewhere and have him try them on. I wasted a ton of money on carriers trying to guess what DH would use. In the end...he's never used any of them even once. He recently suggested he might like to use a sling...I nearly laughed in his face. This is our third child and I'm pretty much done on that score.
  • Have him watch you wear it to see its safe? I have the ktan and while I kinda felt the same way the first couple times wearing it, the more you wear it the more comfortable you get with it that baby won't fall out.

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  • My DH was also all about buckles and loved the Ergo. You could also try Beco carriers (butterfly and soleil, I think are the models). Those two brands will last you much longer than the Bjorn. We carry 2-year-old DD comfortably in the ergo still. The Bjorn puts the weight of baby on your shoulders and gets uncomfortable after the first few months.
  • I love the Ergo.
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  • He tried on the Moby the other day at home! Thought it looked better on me and was a little frustrated putting it on. DH does like the idea of buckles. 

    After reading reviews online my DH and I went to Babies R Us and picked out an Infantino Fusion Flexible Baby Carrier. It seemed similar to the Beco Gemini in it's style and function but at a fraction of the cost ($39 rather than $130). I have two friends with the Gemini and one said she would give me hers when they were done with it..but her LO is 2 and they will likely use it for a while longer. 

    Already put DD in the infantino for a little while today and I like the ease of putting it on. Only complaint is the leg straps for smaller babies front facing are a little hard to button/unbutton. 


  • I tried the moby, couldn't do it. It was way too complicated with the amount of fabric. We purchased a Beco Soleil when DS1 was a year old. It is amazing. All of the weight rests on your hips so it's very comfortable. We used it with him for about 6 months (would have been longer but then I got pregnant and couldn't use it). We then bought the infant insert and plan to use it for DS2. Our birth center gave us a baby k'tan and I have been loving how much more simple it is to use than the moby!
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