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Tell me how to heat up breastmilk..

Hi ladies!

My LO is 4 weeks today and I have been playing around with my pump in preparation for returning to work in a month. I have been using Lansinoh bags for storage and have a small stash started.

What are the steps for thawing breastmilk? Put the bag in a bowl of warm water? How warm? Any tricks of the trade that worked for you? FTM and totally clueless!


Re: Tell me how to heat up breastmilk..

  • I usually take mine out of the freezer the night before I need it, place it in a bowl in fridge to slowly thaw.

    If I need it quickly I run it under hot water.
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  • These are all great suggestions! Love the idea about the crockpot with warm water in it. Now I can finally use one of the many crockpots my mother has given me!
    [Deleted User]BootsOrHearts
  • Love the crockpot idea!  We have a bottle warmer (SIL no longer needed it) and DH loves using it.  It's a no brainer way of getting the milk the same temp every time and LO is such a stickler for how hot his milk is.
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