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Ok Outlanders...

Now that we are 4 weeks into it, tell me what you think!

For me, overall I love it and will keep watching. Sometimes Claire gets on my nerves, but i think she's a fairly new actress, so I'll give her a little leeway.

I LOVE Jamie. I think he's hawt, and i Think he's doing well with the part.

So far, I haven't minded the differences In the story - i don't think it's taken away from anything important, although I tend to just take things at face value and not overthink it too much.

Let me hear it!




Re: Ok Outlanders...

  • I love it...I actually appreciate the deviations from the books, because it helps me keep them separate in my mind...I get disappointed with book adaptations generally because they don't fit the images in my head. Because this is *just* different enough, I can enjoy it as a show, not so much as a book adaptation. But I still know what's going to happen, which is nice too :)

    Claire is a pretty awful actress..but I'm also trying to give her some leeway. But her delivery of "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" makes me cringe every time. 


  • YES! It's SO BAD!



  • I have only seen the first episode since we've lost Starz but I loved it. I already have the series saved on Netflix. Seeing all the previews has made me reread the series during my MOTN feedings.

  • How long are they playing the series? How many episodes?
    I gave up on the books during book #2. 

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  • I think it's 16 episodes.

  • I think overall, the show is great. If nothing else, it's a way my husband can enjoy Outlander with me since he's not a big fiction reader! I think physically, Claire is great (aside from the amber eyes, but hey..), but her acting definitely falls short of some of the others.

    I think Jamie is perfect. The only critique I have on him is every once in a while he comes across as being totally aware he's the heartthrob of an international best selling series. The book Jamie never struck me as aware of his good looks.

    I love Dougal. They cast him perfectly!

    And yes there are 16 episodes for the first season, which covers the first book. I think it's split into two 8 episode half seasons though.

    Also, as an aside, I've found saying "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" and making it sound natural is extremely difficult.
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