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FFFC (Flame Free Friday Confession)

Alright ladies, fess up! No flaming allowed! 

My son is potty training - yesterday I sat him on the potty to poop and left the bathroom. I laid down for a minute and fell sound asleep. Woke up to him yelling "ALL DONE!!!" No idea how long he sat there.

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TTA for three normal cycles per doctor's orders, and not sure of the plan after that. 
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Re: FFFC (Flame Free Friday Confession)

  • My husband's office opened a new location today so they had an open house. Everyone there thinks the kids are "so well behaved" and of course wanted the kids there.

    My son was all over the place trying to get into everything (a giant copy machine, trays of cookies, stamps, a WALL OF BOOKS?!), so I gave him a bottle and let him roam. My 12 month old ran from room to room to room with an empty bottle hanging from his mouth.

    Everyone thought he was adorable. I'm just glad he didn't throw a fit.
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    Last night while DH was at basketball I told the kids they could play on the iphone and ipad for ten  minutes before bathtime. I was so tired I fell asleep while they were playing and didn't wake up until 30 minutes later.
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  • Add me to the list of extremely tired people. I kept telling C I would do whatever she asked "in a minute" and then sat there with my eyes closed until she had to ask again. Also, it is a gorgeous day here today and I have zero motivation to do anything like go to the park or run around in the backyard. I'm totally treating it like a rainy day and I feel so guilty.
  • I blame my farts on my potty training toddler.
  • @OnceInLoveWithAmy‌ we are soul mates. You don't know it yet but we are.
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