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8 weeks ultrasound leaving us hanging...

First it is best to note that I am over 35...  Today we had our 8 week ultrasound.  On the plus side the baby measured right on target on the heartbeat was 160 beats per minute.  But you know when it's not all positive when the ultrasound technician steps out and way later a doctor walks in.  He says the placenta looks larger than normal for the age and their are dark spots on it.  He also mentioned that the baby itself seems off.  Of course he can't be conclusion since he is working with something super tiny and who knows about angels.  So now we have to wait 2 weeks to recheck and have genetic testing done.

He says the dark spots could just be extra blood that go away in time or a molar pregnancy (in which the baby would have to be terminated).  I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and what the results were.  Waiting is just agonizing! 

Re: 8 weeks ultrasound leaving us hanging...

  • I have no experience, but I wish you the very best outcome. It's tough not knowing what's going on, stay strong.

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  • I have had bad ultrasounds so that part I have experienced but not this exact situation. I'll be praying that there isn't a molar pregnancy and that it turns out your baby is just fine.

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  • Fingers crossed everything turns out okay!
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  • I also know how it feels to have a horrible non-conclusive ultrasound.  Most of the time it is just a waiting game to figure it out.  I found that keeping myself busy helped a lot.  Hang in there.

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  • Hope everything is okay and that it is 'normal'.
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  • Never heard of this, and I am sorry that this happened to you. I hope everything turns out to be ok for you. Sending positive thoughts and try to stay calm until you have your next U/S
  • fingers crossed everything turns out "normal"


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