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To start a new job or not?!

Would love some advice from other newly expecting moms. Here's the scoop:

I'm only 9 weeks along, first time mom-to-be. I recently moved across country for my husband's job. We don't really have a support system in our new city yet, as we've only been here 8 months. I'm a graphic designer & have been actively interviewing (& praying!) for work for months, but it often takes a long time. In the meantime, I've taken up freelancing from home. So once we found out we're expecting (only a few weeks ago), we decided that maybe I should shift my focus from finding an onsite full-time job to building up my client base so I can continue working from home during this period of transition.

Well (of course!), I finally landed an interview yesterday with my dream company. Here's the thing: I KNOW not to say anything about being preggo b/c (a) I don't have to! & (b) I'm not far enough along yet to even warrant telling an employer. If this were for a full-time position, I wouldn't even consider posting on a blog to get advice. BUT... it's for a 6 month contract to hire position.

So my long-winded question to anyone out there with worthwhile advice is this: Would you consider telling a potential employer (once an offer has been made!) that you are "expecting" IF you knew that your due date could potentially interfere with the contract terms? I'm torn b/c I truly feel the opportunity has strong potential of developing into a full time position after the contract expires, which I would love... but the turn-around time on the hiring process could be a while & if it's a minimum 6 month contract, but I'm already 3+ months along by the time an offer is even made, I can't decide if it would be wise & respectable for me to be up front so that they would at least not be blindsided. THOUGHTS?

Also, just to explain... this opportunity is actually through a recruiting company. So I would technically be an employee of the recruiting company UNTIL (well, IF!) I'm offered to stay onboard full time. So my thoughts were to maaaaybeee tell the recruiter when/if she shares the news of an initial contract offer.

Thank you for any advice... even if it's just, "Shut up & don't say anything, silly!" ;-)

Re: To start a new job or not?!

  • Haha, hmm, thanks... I guess what I should have clearly iterated is that I'm wondering IF I should mention anything BEFORE signing a potential contract. In no way was I insinuating that I would never say anything, ha. I think that would be impossible ;-) Normally I would never consider saying anything (b/c legally, you don't have to) until I was already working & in a rhythm. I was only asking advice b/c of the nature of it being contract position. TOTALLY getting ahead of myself obviously... but I'd rather have a gameplan in my back pocket versus being unprepared if an offer IS made & I don't have an idea of how to approach the situation. At any rate, thanks for taking a moment to respond!
  • Go for it! You're going to continue working after the baby and in the US you're only allowed 3 mo maternity anyway. They HAVE to hold your position for those three months. 
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