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I Can't Reach My Beer

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I was pumping away, and realized I couldn't reach my tasty beverage (Bud Light). It was my first adult beverage since giving birth, and as it turns out, I needed DH's assistance in keeping refreshed while pumping. My BFF told me she has wine at night (when she wants it) while pumping or BFing so it doesn't hit her milk until after. Not sure how solid this theory is, but I'll take it.

Have you gals starting boozing again? What's your drink of choice, and when do you indulge?
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Re: I Can't Reach My Beer

  • Me! I had a Miller Lite last night, and a margarita wine cooler a few days ago! :) it was divine.
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  • My friends brought me a mojito to the hospital the day after LO was born! I felt like such a rebel. Lol I'm not BFing though so I've had a few already.
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  • MC03MC03
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    I have a glass of wine a few days a week. It's amazing.
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  • I turned 21 while pregnant and totally keep forgetting that I can legally drink now. This post literally just reminded me lol mommy brain.  I've never had a chance to order a drink at dinner so I'll definitely have to remember to the next time we go out....I'm formula feeding though so that isn't an issue for me. Besides that I haven't drank in probably a year and one margaritta would probably do me in  :))
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    I've had a few already. My LC said to not drink until after a feeding and then wait at least 2 hours. But I've heard that you should do it while feeding/pumping too. I figure if I only have one it doesn't matter much when I have it, especially since I stretch it out...

    ETA I've had some Newcastle, some elderflower hard cider and a nice Spanish blend so far (wine). Can't wait to splurge on a high end cab one of these days (I'm a bit of a wine snob, I used to bartend at a high end restaurant and H used to manage another one so we've been spoiled a little).
  • I've had a small glass of red wine the last few nights. It's amazing, I'm nursing, and not worried about it in the least.

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  • Drinking a Yuengling and pumping now. Really wanted wine, but I wanted something cold more.
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  • My LC with DD told me that theory too. Yesterday I had wine right before nursing and today I had a margarita while nursing.
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  • I've had a small glass of wine with dinner several times since DS was born. Usually it's in the middle of cluster feeding but I'm not that concerned since it's not that much.
  • I had a beer and a half tonight, thinking I had a couple hours before it was time to feed again. And then she woke up...

    Luckily, the milk screen strips said I was still fine, so if nothing else, maybe it'll make her sleep through her fussy period tonight :)
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  • I had a beer one night and then 2 margs on my anniversary. The margs gave me the worst hangover. Stupid cheap booze.

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  • I had a glass of wine and had an allergy type reaction. Red itchy raised bumps on my face, neck, and halfway down my arms. I felt subtle itching/Heat at the end of dinner and DH freaked out cause he could see the hives spreading from my face down. Took some benedryl and used some ice packscand was fine within a half hour.

    Granted I would get flushed in reaction to alcohol prior to pregnancy but usually it was really subtle and if I had more than I should! Now I'm scared to try anything (for a while at least).


  • camichalskicamichalski
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    I have had a few vanilla java porters. I went out to my favorite place where they fresh squeeze the limes for the margaritas. My DH had had to finish half of everything I got to drink! I just can't finish!!!
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