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EBF during day, EP at night ?

DD nurses okay during the day.

Nighttime is another story. She falls asleep really easily, and I'm too tired to immediately change her diaper, strip her down, etc to wake her up. Plus, she doesn't latch as well.

I'm thinking of EP ing at night -- I know it's more work - pump, feed, wash - but I think that will still go faster than these hour plus nursing sessions. Plus, MH could give her a bottle.

Anyone else do this ?

DD can and has taken bottles before.






Re: EBF during day, EP at night ?

  • You could always try it one night. Just make sure you pump when LO eats.

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  • Remember you can refrigerate your pumping supplies in between uses so you won't have to wash it in the middle of the night if you don't want to.

    I also agree on the idea of getting ahead one pump so you have a bottle to feed her and then pump afterwords. Babies aren't good at waiting! ;-) Breast milk can sit out for about six hours at room temperature so you can just have it right by the baby ready to go.


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  • I pump at night breastfeed during the day. It can get frustraiting since i still wake up every 3 hrs to pump while FI feeds and changes her and all I want to do is sleep because I'm not doing and "work" but the routine does work. 3 am and 6 am feeds i can never get her awake for but 9 pm and midnight i could breastfeed.
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    Thanks ladies... I mostly EPd with DS but I have little memory of it..






  • I was pumping after every feeding so I had bottles ready for the night. Now that I EP I feed DS first which only takes about 10mins and then pump. It's actually not that bad since I have an extra supply in the fridge and freezer so DH can help with the night feedings. He will feed and I'll pump at the same time and then we usually all go back to bed at the same time. Much easier!
  • Ck61 said:
    I did this the first 3 weeks when DD was too sleepy and little to handle it well. Once she became a pro nurser we just did the breast. Do to severe gas and upset tummy we switched to formula for a week to see if it is reflux or MSPI and I seriously hate pumping lol. I can't wait until we start BF again on Monday. You have to do what keeps you sane though. Plus you can always go back to nursing if pumping is too much or when LO becomes more efficient.
    Did you switch over at the advice of your pediatrician? Just curious because we're thinking our DD might have reflux but read about MSPI as well. I've heard of moms just doing and elimination diet for possible MSPI but I guess that would take a lot longer than FF?


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