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Boppy dependent

I finally have my DD almost exclusively breastfeeding this past week (we had troubles up till week 3) and now I'm realizing how dependent in am on the boppy and my breast friend support pillows. I figured we better start practicing holds without the use of these in case I want to nurse somewhere where I don't have one. Well it's not going great so far!

Are other breast-feeding moms feeling confident holding their baby without the use of pillows or support? How do you and little one get comfortable? Are there any other moms like me who have relied heavily on having a Boppy or something similar?


Re: Boppy dependent

  • I use a pillow at night but during the day I generally cross one leg at the ankle over the other knee to boost him up higher on the nursing side (if that makes sense). It really just takes practice, and gets easier as you both find your groove, remember it's a learning curve for both of you!
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  • I'm a STM and have been BFing for the last 2+ years straight so have had a lot of practice, which is part of it. Honestly it isn't all that comfortable for me without a boppy or pillow to elevate baby. But it's doable. Bonus is you'll be increasing your upper body strength anyway caring for a growing baby. Anyway, I usually position DS using what I think is called cross cradle hold (my opposite forearm supports DS's body while my hand cups the back of head). I use the other hand to help him latch. Once he's latched on, I switch to cradle hold (same arm as breast supports DS's head and body with my elbow cradling his head and my hand holding his bum).
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  • My LO seems to latch best when we side lay together so I do that at home on the couch. Feeding him other places I just cross body hold him and cross my legs to get him a little higher and better leverage but we still don't go out much yet mainly because I don't want to deal with fighting him to latch on. It does get easier as they get more efficient and bigger.
  • I'm a STM and nursed DS1 for 16 months, and I'm still most comfortable using a boppy. But I'm also able to nurse basically anywhere ... Sometimes walking around the house getting things for DS1 while nursing DS2 (just holding in cradle hold). It's just a matter of practice and you'll get more comfortable.
  • Forgot to add that without a pillow I have to consciously remember to lift DS up to the breast instead of bending over to him and getting a sore neck/back.
  • I used my boppy at home the whole time I breastfed DS#2, until 16 months old!

    I bring it along if I'm going to my IL's or parent's house.  If I nurse in public, I don't have it with me.  I just support the baby with my arm.  It's more comfortable for me with a boppy, but I can do without if I need to.


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    Valancyy said:

    I used my boppy at home the whole time I breastfed DS#2, until 16 months old!

    I bring it along if I'm going to my IL's or parent's house.  If I nurse in public, I don't have it with me.  I just support the baby with my arm.  It's more comfortable for me with a boppy, but I can do without if I need to.

    This is me exactly. Also if I'm in public nursing sometimes I will put my diaper bag under my elbow to help support the cradle hold and that helps too.
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  • I was so glad when i ditched the boppy on like, day 5 or 6. For me it is so much easier without it. Im really tall with a long torso, the pillow just made things harder. I find it much easier to keep LOs body aligned by basically aligning her spine with my arm...hand of the back of her head/neck, arm along her spine, butt nestled in the inside of my elbow. She doesnt seem nearly as heavy as when i was using the boppy,
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  • I can do it without help of pillows now, but I like using them for the comfort and support. 
  • Well after a few attempts without a pillow I've figured out we're going to need them for a while. Maybe I'll just throw one in the car (along with a pumped bottle just in case) if we're going to be out and about. 

    We still have latch issues and fussiness that I seem to need my hands available. We use a nipple shield and DD will either chomp down pull back and yank it off (ouch!) OR she'll grab at it with her fingers and peal it back until it pops off. Also, if I'm not fast enough to stop her she then grabs and pinches my nipple in her hands! I usually have to put the shield back on a few times per nursing session. So I'm either having to swaddle her to nurse, I like to call it her baby straight jacket, or to pin one arm under her and hold her other hand. 

    I've also noticed if she's on the pillow rather than in my arms she seems less distracted and more stable. If I touch her while she's nursing she tends to fuss even more. How can someone so little have so many opinions! ;-) 


  • At night I use a regular pillow to support my arm and I just cradle him! Ill use the boppy if it's within reach but as pp said, it won't be long before you are walking around nursing!
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  • I guess I'm opposite of most everyone else. I definitely love (d) my Boppy so much that when I nursed DS1 I bought a second one for my car so I always had one with me. I nursed him for 15 months and I can probably count on one hand how many times I nursed without it. I have very large breasts and back issues and just found that the Boppy was my perfect solution.

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