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Does your LO have a fussy time?

LO is 4 weeks today. 8:30-10:30pm in our house is so stressful. She cries and cries and only wants to be held. She falls asleep and we lay her down and she starts screaming. We are at a loss on what to do. I don't want to get her in the habit of being held like that every night. :(

Any suggestions?

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Re: Does your LO have a fussy time?

  • Sounds like the "witching hour" to me, which is pretty common for infants to have from what I hear.. but I don't have any advice other than to just comfort her as you need to for now.. I think it's just one of those things you have to deal with until that phase passes, but I'm curious to hear if any STMs have suggestions.  My LO doesn't have a specific fussy time yet but he's only 2.5 weeks. I'm sure it will come!
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  • Yep same. I wouldn't worry about habits personally, just do what keeps you sane.
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  • Yes! Exactly the same time for us and he'll be a month tmw. I worry about the being held too much thing too but at this stage I don't think you can. Like pp said just do what you can. I just feel bad because this is the little bit of time H gets with him after work and he's fussy!

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  • Very normal! Not fun, but normal. It will get better after 12 weeks.


  • I don't have any advice, but my baby is the same. Every night between 8-11 she gets very fussy. It sucks that it happens during prime time tv, but I can't complain because then she goes to sleep and wakes up at 5am, eats, and then goes back to sleep until 9 or 10.
  • Same thing here!!!!
  • Same exact thing happens at our house. She is usually super fussy unless her face is in my boob. Half the time she isn't even nursing, she just smashes her face up to me and falls asleep.

    I watched happiest baby on the block and it has some really helpful tips on getting infants to settle down. There is a book too but who has time to read a book. I highly recommend the DVD. It's helped us tremendously in getting through the witching hour.
  • We have this same issue!! Most of the time it's from 9pm-1am. We take shifts and that is my husbands shift. Usually she is fine once I get her but last night she was crazy again from 3-5:30am and then again this afternoon. I'm convinced she is just a crazy person lol. She is usually perfect all day long. I don't know what it is but it's seriously mentally draining. We tried keeping her up for awhile for a few nights so that she would sleep but that was over stimulating her so we stopped that. Now we just let her go and she still goes crazy. I guess we just have to ride it out! Hopefully it gets better soon but this is life for now lol

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  • Hold her, do whatever it takes! She won't form a habit this early so if not putting her down for those 2 hours is what it takes- do it!! My son's "witching hour" was anywhere between 5-9 pm, it was torture. I Think it lastedt a couple weeks, but felt like eternity at the time...
  • Thanks for all the responses. It's comforting to know I am not alone. Hopefully this phase will pass soon! :)

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  • We are in the witching hour now. As soon as I put him down is the crib, he unleashes fury. As soon as he's in my arms, zzzzzzzzz.
    So much for taking a shower tonight!
  • My LO seems to have her witching hour in the mornings. After her morning feeding she is usually fussy for a few hours. I tend to hold her but it can be difficult for me to get breakfast. Sometimes she will be content in the moby wrap so I'll wear her for a bit so she can get a decent nap in.

  • Mine is in the morning from like 10-1.. We have been going to apt around 2 so we know the car ride will knock him out and end the crying/ fussing battle but we have no where to be tomorrow so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow
  • Evening time... right when I sit down to eat dinner.
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  • Middle of the night and morning. Of course. Last night it was from 2:30-5:30 am and then again starting at 8.
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  • Hold LO you wont spoil them. Witching hour is real and you gotta get through it (usually a few weeks) however you can.
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  • My LO seems to have 2 fussy times. From about 3-6pm and then again 10pm-1am. It's brutal! I'm really the only one he calms down for. 
  • Last night i put her on the boppy in between us in bed at 9pm while we were watching tv. I cannot believe how quiet and calm she was. I picked her up at 11 and put her in the cradle and she was out until 2:30. Yay for some sleep!

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  • Every evening.

    The 5 S's really help. There's also cluster feeding to deal with.
    I don't eat dinner until really late or not at all.
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  • Same here from 6-10 pm. My LO wants to be held constantly. I try do tummy time with pacifier in her mouth. This sometimes help. I was also worried that she will get used to being held all the time. I am glad to read the posts here. Hope this phase will phase out soon.
  • We don't have one yet, knock on wood, but DD had hers between 7-8 every night. We just did whatever we could to survive that hour and almost like clockwork it would stop at 8pm. Mostly walking around, cluster feeding worked.
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  • DD was a 7pm witching hour baby. You could pretty much tell time by it. In fact she still gets impossible around 7pm so we aim to be working towards bedtime for her by then.

    DS cluster feeds from around 6-8pm most nights so far. If he's not nursing, he's screaming so I try to just go with it, but it makes it hard to help with DD's bedtime. When he gets over stimulated, dark, quiet/white noise, and boob calm him down reasonably successfully.
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