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pooping during sleep

LO started this about a month ago.  he keeps pooping while he is sleeping.  SH and I check him before we go to bed.  if we smell it then, we pull him out and change him.  But normally it's something that we notice in the am.  He wakes between 730 and 830 and it's probably every other day.  It isn't dried and caked to him so (sorry for the graphics) I could only imagine that he is doing it while awake....But I don't know.  Anyone else's little one do this?  I know it's so silly, but is this normal?
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Re: pooping during sleep

  • DD does this every now and then... well, I can't say when exactly she poops obviously but there are certainly days where her first diaper change in the morning is a poopy one.  She wakes and comes into our room to nurse and go back to sleep most days, so I'm guessing she does it somewhere during that time, and we might just not catch it?  I always feel bad when it happens, I would not want to sleep in a poopy diaper, but it doesn't really seem to bother her :)
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  • Yes! DS was doing this for a while too, he would poop himself awake during naptime and sometimes in the morning. I also can't say for sure when it happened overnight but get the feeling it was right as he woke up. I started putting diaper cream on before bed every night just so his skin wouldn't get irritated.
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  • DS has done this many times! I would feel like a jerk because he would be all red bottomed. So now we either rub diaper cream or petroleum jelly on his behind before bed just in case.
  • Ditto to lars1226 and Blondie1212

    DS poops while napping, he wakes up and sometimes goes back to sleep, sometimes not. He also goes just before he wakes up in the morning. It doesn't seem to bother him so I'm not concerned.

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