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kiley820's (very long) birth story!

Christopher Stephen was born on 8/27 @ 9:53pm and made a grand and dramatic enterance into the world!

It started when I was induced a day early due to decreased movement and high BP. I got started with Cytotec, ended up getting 3 doses and then started Pitocin. It was then they decided to insert a Foley balloon since after the Cytotec and Pitocin I was only at about 2 1/2cm. I was completely miserable and just about in tears as I had all intense back labor and couldn't get an epidural. I wasn't progressing well on my own and they didn't want to slow my contractions . I couldn't labor in the tub or shower either since I had to be monitored. It was really rough to say the least. Finally, the balloon came out and I was checked again. 5cm. Progress, but not great. At this point I had labored for 23 hours basically stuck in bed with no meds. It sucked. Finally I got the epidural (which had to be done 3x as they couldn't place it) Epidural placed= sweet relief! It was a breeze for a few hours things were looking promising and finally tolerable for me! Then I began to get the shakes and was freezing. At first they said it was normal as I was progressing and in active labor and also had just received epi but then it got really bad. They took my temperature and it was 104 degrees. At that point they became really concerned and pumped me with 3 or 4 different meds to try to get it down asap. Then the baby's heartrate began to drop and his BP nor mine was looking good. They had me covered from head to toe with ice packs and my epidural was also beginning to wear off. After about an hour and no real progress with the fever it was determined I had a uterine infection and also had stopped progressing on my own past 6 1/2cm. They came in and told me it was time to head to the OR for an emergency c-section. So off we went after all that! They almost had to pull the epidural and place a spinal because they thought it had failed. It took a while to numb and prep for c-section but luckily we got it going and things got real! After the first cut they brought my SO in and we were both really nervous but just so excited to finally meet our son! I still had a fever at this point and was now vomiting from the nausea and high temperature but all in all the actual delivery only took about ten minutes and was not as bad as I expected.  He came out sunny side up and screaming! I was so sick but did get to see him cleaned up and gave him a quick kiss before they took him to the nursery. He looked great but because I had the infection they take precautions and started him on aantibiotics. 
My SO stayed with me while they finished up, it was the most painful and strange/ uncomfortable experience ever! Way worse than the delivery of baby. Then SO went to nursery while I went to recovery. I was still vomiting and my temp was still 102 so I was in recovery a bit longer than expected. Finally, I came around a bit and they brought us all to post partum room together around 2am! We had a long night but were just beyond happy it was all over and we had our baby with us :)

I never imagined my first L&D experience to be like this but our baby is perfect and healthy and we feel so blessed. I'm still sore and slowly recovering from the c-section but unfortunately I have some pretty bad nerve damage in my back which hurts more than my incision! I'm going to be seeing the anesthesiologist tomorrow to check things out and go from there. We are still in the hospital but hope to be heading home on Sunday and can not wait! :)
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Our first.. Baby BOY! EDD 8/20/14 :) 
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Re: kiley820's (very long) birth story!

  • Congrats on your little man!
  • Wow, that sounds really rough! Glad everything worked out in the end, congratulations on your beautiful baby!
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  • Congrats! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!
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  • Sorry you had such a rough experience but congrats on your healthy baby!
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  • Congrats on your son, he's adorable! I hope you continue to recover well -- that was an intense delivery.
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