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Potty trained son, now "leaking"

My son (3) has been potty trained for several months, doing great until a month or so ago. He now wets his pants a little before making it to the potty. Not every time, but more often than not. He starts preschool in 2 weeks, and I'm not sure what to do. Is there an alternative to pull-ups? I really don't want to put him in a huge diaper for little leaks. Do I just send he with several changes of clothes? Can I fix this problem before he starts!? :)

Also, I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. My daughter, at 25 months, went from diapers to underwear in a week and never looked back. Did the same with my son, took him a little longer to get it down than her, but had it. Only difference is, the MIL watches him twice a week (sometimes more) all day, and puts him in pull-up while at her house (he does use the potty for her but "just incase" he leaks or doesn't make it, she doesn't have to "deal" with the mess.) I'm wondering if this is sabotaging my potty training method (he wears underwear at home, on outings and for bed - I'd rather wash clothes than "deal" with diapers). Does wearing a pull-up prevent him from telling he's wet? Do you think it'd be better for him to wet his underwear and pants so he can learn? or do you think he's just not paying attention to his body and leaks a little before he really has to go? Any tips on ways to make him get to the potty before he "leaks"?

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Re: Potty trained son, now "leaking"

  • Has she ever had him in diapers or is he always in a pull-up with her?  If he's been potty trained for several months but wearing pull-ups that makes no sense to me.  If she can't deal with underwear then she shouldn't be watching him IMO.  Changing underwear with a little pee in them is hardly difficult.  My DD wore pull--ups at night and night time but once we did underwear we did not do diapers or pull-ups during the day again.  

    My DD went through a period in the spring where she was peeing in her underwear maybe 2 times per day for like 3 weeks.  It wasn't a full out accident but just like she wasn't getting to the potty in time.  She had been trained for a year but we had just sold our house and moved in with my parents while waiting for our new house to be ready.  What we did was encourage her to use the potty more often (if she showed signs of needing to go) and actually make her go at natural times instead of asking.  We also made a big deal (high fives and whatnot) when her underwear were dry.  When they were wet we talked about how she wasn't getting to the potty quickly enough.  We had to send extra clothes to school every day for a few weeks but her teachers knew we'd moved and were understanding.  I think little regressions are normal.  I also think you need to ditch the pull-ups unless they are for overnight sleep.  
  • This happens to DD occasionally, too.  And by occasionally, I mean a couple of times a week.  But only at home, it seems.  It's almost always because she was in the middle of doing something fun, and just didn't want to stop what she was doing to go to the bathroom.  I just keep re-explaining to her that she needs to stop and go to the bathroom as soon as she feels like she has to go, and that the reason for the accidents is because she waited too long.  It'll pass.

    But I agree - tell your MIL to get rid of the pull-ups.  If your son is potty trained, then he's potty trained and shouldn't be using them at all.
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  • My son was PT two months ago. We were in full underwear at 26 months. Now one day at daycare he had two accidents and I showed up and he was in pullups or a diaper. They said it was less messy as well. As if they had decided on their own. Now we have regressed to just peeing and pooping in the pullup and no longer caring about. So I definitely think pull ups make everything worse. No different then a diaper. With it being a three day weekend I am definitely going back to underwear. 

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