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first time user- HI! ovidrel question

Hello all,

A little background info. I'm 26, my hubby is 28. We have been TTC since January of 2012. I was recently put on femara 5mg CD 3-7, and the ovidrel trigger shot to induce ovulation. I had 3 ultrasounds, and 4 rounds of bw to confirm an LH surge. My hubby gave me the ovidrel shot on Monday August 25 at around 630 pm. I curiously took a HPT on Tuesday morning because I read that the ovidrel will give a false positive, plus I wanted to see if it worked. I did indeed get a faint positive immediately. My question is: today is Wednesday August 27, and I don't really feel any pregnancy symptoms. I've read online that many women get sore bb's and slight nausea, I don't have anything except a small crying bit Monday night after shot, but I'm thinking that was just a fluke. Any ovidrel veterans out there that could give me some insight????

Re: first time user- HI! ovidrel question

  • I've had two cycles with Ovidrel and had no symptoms. Lucky us that haven't had any side effects!

    Me (29), DH (38)

    Oct 2009   - Married
    Aug 2011   - Started TTC
    Jan 2012   - OB Referred to RE
    Feb 2012   - RE Visit #1
    Apr 2012   - HSG (Normal), PCOS - DH SA (low count and low motility)  
    June 2012   - Provera, Clomid, TI - BFN
    July 2012   - IUI #1, Provera, Clomid 50mg, Trigger Injection - BFN
    Aug 12 - Feb 14 - Break
    Feb 2014   - New OB referred to new RE
    Mar 2014   - New RE visit #1
    Apr 2014    - TSH  level elevated, need to retest.
    May 2014   - TSH retested, higher than 1st test. Start on Synthroid. DH SA (Normal)
    June 2014   - Start on DHEA, CO-Q10, New brand of Prenatals
    July 2014   - Cycle came on its own, b/w on CD2, TSH (normal), Femara CD3-CD7, CD14 - u/s + Ovidrel + baby aspirin regimen. IUI #1 B2B on CD15/16 - BFN

    August 2014 - u/s on CD3 normal, Femara CD3-CD7, u/s CD12, Ovidrel on CD13. IUI #2 B2B on CD 14/CD15 - BFN.

    September  2014 - u/s on CD3 normal, Femara CD3-CD7, u/s scheduled for CD12

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  • rainbowbridge14 it sounds like you and I may be on the same schedule- Monday was CD 16 for me, but I ovulate late. I just took an ovulation test this evening (I held my pee for a really long time lol) it was negative. I plan on taking a HPT tomorrow am to see if the trigger shot is still there. and yeah I agree- after all this time of trying it was really nice to see that plus sign- even if it is a phony.......
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  • Hello: I've had the shot 3x and never felt any side effects. I also never tested it out with a pregnancy test because I'm lazy :) 

    Me: 33, DH: 32

    TTC: 2 years
    Fertility blood tests all normal
    Tilted uterus
    3 day ultrasound 17 follicles
    HSG: 11/13/13- tubes open
    DH SA: SUPER sperm (145 million, 84% motility, 22% morphology)
    All infection disease and immunity blood tests NORMAL
    FIRST IUI May 2014: 100 mg Clomid days 5-9, third ultrasound CD 13 revealed four follicles 27, 24 and 20 and 13mm. Trigger shot May 28 with IUI May 29 and 30 (fingers crossed) - BFN started spotting 11DPO :(

    IUI #2 B2B 6/23 and 6/24, three mature eggs and 130 million sperm! FX this is the month!  BFN 7/8

    3rd cycle benched due to cysts - TI with OPK tests -  BFN

    3rd mediated cycle: Clomid+Trigger+TI  (three follies left side, one on right as usual....what the hell right ovary get it together and produce some damn follicles!) 7DPO progesterone level 43 with NO suppositories YAY for a natural strong ovulation. Beta canceled started spotting 13DPO - Third time is not a CHARM! 14 day cycle WTF! Everything looks normal - RE wants to start injectables next cycle so this cycle I'm benched

    Officially benched until March....but still plan on trying the baking soda douche due to my excessive and thick CM

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  • I've had the trigger twice and never any pregnancy symptoms and both times I turned a HPT positive til 10dpo,
    Married 07/15/2006 DS # 1&2 born 07/06/2007 TTC# 3 since 10/2013
  • Exactly what jennycam said - I had no symptoms and I saw two lines on the HPTs for at least 11 days past trigger.  I didn't realize the shot would stay in my system that long so of course the first time I got my hopes up, but by about 11dpo the second line was gone.
    Married in 2011, NTNP until early 2012, TTC since early 2012

    My husband was diagnosed with state IV colon cancer in 2009. Surgery and six rounds of chemo left him in remission (yay!) but with low testosterone. He took Androgel for two years starting in Jan 2011.
    -SA in Jan 2013: big fat zero; stopped Androgel
    -varicocelectomy in June 2013
    -SA in Dec 2013: 23mil/ml, really low morph
    -SA in March 2014: Count doubled! Morphology apparently no longer an issue.

    April 2014: hysteroscopy
    June 2014: TI (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel: 2 folliclces) = BFN
    July 2014: IUI#1 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1 follicle, 23mil post-wash) = BFN
    August 2014: IUI#2 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1 follicle, 43mil post-wash) = BFN
    September 2014: IUI#3 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 2 follicles, 15mil post-wash) = BFN
    October 2014: IUI#4 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1-2 follicles, 12mil post-wash) = BFN
    November 2014: IUI#5 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel: 1 follicle, 23mil post-wash) = BFN
    December 2014: IUI#6 (gonal-f/ovidrel): 2 follicles, 55mil post-wash) = ???

    *all are welcome!*

  • Enjoy it if you don't have any symptoms.

    I have crazy symptoms on Ovidrel and it sucks. Everytime I get way over excited and think I'm pregnant...and I'm not. Sore BBs, cramping, crying, super clingy with my hubby, nausea, food aversions, all of it.

    I actually asked them to give me a different shot because of all the symptoms. I had them bad for pretty much 12 days until I got AF. I have never taken a HPT with them so I don't know how long it's in my system for....I usually get AF 12-14 days after the trigger so I don't bother testing. 

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    TTC: Started May 2012
    Bloodwork - potential ovulation issue which seemed to be fixed by clomid.
    SA - Mot (36%) and count low 9.3 mil (updated) 
    HSG - Oct 16 2013 - came back clear
    Clomid #1 - Nov. 2013 - BFN
    BFP#1 =  Clomid #2, Dec. 2013 - EDD 9.9.14 Loss Jan 9
    Femara #1 + Trigger (2/21) Feb. 2014 +ruptured ovarian cyst - BFN
    SIS clear
    April 2014: 50IU Follistim CD3-CD9 + 25IU CD10-CD13+CD13 trigger 1 mature follie= BFN
    IUI #1: May 2014 50IU Follistim + trigger + IUI = BFN
    IUI #2: June 2014 50IU Follistim + IUI (3 mil sperm)=  BFN
    TI #2: June 2014 50IU Follistim  + Trigger = BFN
    BFP#2 = IUI# 3: Aug 2014 75IU Follistim+ Trigger + IUI (2 mil sperm) EDD May 15

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  • Thanks for all the help ladies. I'm going to stock up on dollar store tests and keep testing every other day until it's out of my system. At least that way IF it works(and I say IF very lightly) I'll know that it is a true positive and not a false one from the shot.

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