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Was your Second birth similar to your first?

Now, I know that all pregnancys are different... and that in many cases your second labor is shorter than your first (minus any complications) I know that predictions are impossible when it comes to the big day however I was just woundering how your second labor was compared to your first? I delivered my first @ 37 weeks (she came on her own) my labor was a solid 3 hours from start to finish and my current LO is measuring at 36 weeks and weighing 5 lbs 3 oz... I am 34 weeks currently, my midwife mentioned that there is a really good possibility I may go around the same time frame... would like to hear some of your ladies stories.

Re: Was your Second birth similar to your first?

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    DS - labor started at 39w 4d and lasted 46 hours. DD - labor started 40w 3d and lasted 5 hours.

    ETA: I don't know how 7 days got in there. Hit the wrong key I guess. 8-}

  • Looks like labor is defenatly shorter... (: Pregnancy duration is defenatly un-predictable!

  • Both DD and DS were inductions.  DD was due to leaking and DS was due to size.  My first induction took 17 hours and my second took 8.5.  I pushed for just over 90 minutes with #1 and 30 minutes with #2.  We are talking possible induction due to size with #3.  #2 was so much easier than #1. Labor/delivery/recovery....all easier. I am hoping this baby is even easier :).
  • DD1 was spontaneous labour at 41weeks.  Was in the hospital at midnight, and baby was out by 4:20am (would have been out closer to 3am if I weren't too scared to push properly).  The birth was rather traumatic, with a lot of damage, and a lot of blood loss.  They were fixing everything for about 45 minutes, and I could barely walk for a week.  I was on the Tylenol/Advil combination for a few weeks, as well as iron supplements to help get my blood levels back up.

    DD2 was an induction at 41w3d.  Induced at 11:00am, hard labour at 2:15pm, baby out at 3:15pm.  That birth was REALLY easy.  No damage, I kept forgetting to take any Advil.  The worst was a few days later when I felt like I had been beaten all over my body - kind of like the body aches you get when you have the flu.

    The second one definitely came faster and easier, although not earlier.  :)

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  • DD- Came on her own at 40 weeks exactly.  I was at the hospital not quite 11 hours when she was born.  I pushed for 1.5 hours.  I got an epidural pretty early that the contractions never got too bad with her but the pushing was rough.

    DS- Came on his own at 40w2d.  I was at the hospital about 5.5 hours and pushed about 15 minutes.  It took longer to get the epidural and the contractions were rough.  The pushing wasn't that bad.  

    Recovery was easier the second time.  
  • First: induced at 42 weeks. Labor for 24 hours. Baby's heart rate kept dropping. 6lbs 11 oz

    Second: induced around 41 weeks. Labor for 4 hours. Baby's heart rate kept dropping. Rushed in for emergency c section. 6 lbs 15 oz
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    DS- Born 40 weeks, 1 day. 15 hours from start to finish. Was fully dilated after 12 hours but they gave me a second dose of epidural and I couldn't push until I could feel my legs again. Slight tearing, needed stitches. Ate pizza.

    DD- Born 40 weeks, 1 day. Scheduled to be induced. Contractions started lightly all day, went to hospital around 1pm. They gave me pitocin at 4pm. DD born at 5:57pm. No tearing. Ate Wendy's.

    Baby#3- desperately hoping for a 60 minute labor and delivery to top DD's birth, with a Five Guys burger afterwards.
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  • Bored and lurking...

    With my first I went into my appointment and was 6cm, no contractions or anything so I went home and went into labor later that night. Contractions started at 11pm, we're 5min apart by 1:30am, got the hospital at 2:30am, 8:25am they broke my water, and he was born at 8:48am 10 days before his due date.

    With my second I went into my appointment (different Dr) and was 5cm, no contractions or anything and she went ahead and sent me to L&D at 11:45am. 12:35pm she broke my water, contractions got painful at 1:20pm, and he was born at 1:51pm 9 days before his due date. Everything happened so fast (just got my epi and was scooting back on the bed and he started crowning, then 2 pushes later) my nurse and anesthesiologist delivered him.

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  • DD had contractions off and on for about 24 hours.  Went to birth center the next day around 730 am.  Water broke around 9 and I progressed super slower for almost 19 hours.  I was so tired and in terrible pain because I could not pee.  Like she was pressed up against something and I couldn't empty my bladder.  I went into the hospital.  Ended up with an epidural and pitocin. Delivered her the next day at 6:27am.  I had minor tearing.  

    DS Had braxton hicks here and there.  My water broke at around 230 am.  My belly dropped my contractions were regular.  Went to the hospital. I was tired because I was up at 2 in the morning cleaning instead of sleeping so I got an epidural.  He was born at 6:23am.  No tears at all. 
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  • OMG this is making me feel so much better.  All of these 40 week deliveries!
    DS was delivered at 37w after about 20 hours from first realizing I was in labor.  Got dicey at the end and needed a vacuum assist. He was nearly 9# and I had an UGLY tear.
    I'm pretty freaked out and also shocked because I'm still pregnant at 39w today!
  • KayteeGee said:
    OMG this is making me feel so much better.  All of these 40 week deliveries!
    DS was delivered at 37w after about 20 hours from first realizing I was in labor.  Got dicey at the end and needed a vacuum assist. He was nearly 9# and I had an UGLY tear.
    I'm pretty freaked out and also shocked because I'm still pregnant at 39w today!
    This is making me feel better too.  I've always heard that you go earlier with your second, but from the un-scientific survey here, it seems like people aren't too much earlier with their second.  DS1 was born at 39 weeks, 5 days.  DH is traveling up until I'm 38 W, 3 days, so I need DS2 to stay inside until then!!!
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    #1: 38 weeks. 3 hours of (induced) active labor and a few pushes. She was 9 lbs.

    #2: 39 weeks. 47 minutes of "labor" (also induced) and a few grunts. Her head was half way out when I was told to give a couple tiny pushes. Extremely precipitous. She was 8 lbs., 9 oz.

    #3: 35 weeks. 1 hour 40 minutes, which was induced, and no pushing -- he slid out, but he was only 5 lbs., 4 oz. Active labor took a while to kick in due to mechanical issues related to having severe polyhydramnios.

    #4 39 weeks, 4 days: Um, I had four "real" contractions that immediately preceded his birth. Two minutes before his birth I was not in labor. I was actually just getting off the phone with my mom. So... he just "fell" out. I went from 6 cm to birth in about one minute. (had been 5 cm with a bulging bag for a week) He was 9 lbs.

    With all of them, I was 5-7 cm prior to the onset of labor. It's normal for me to walk around at 4, 5, 6 and even 7 cm without contracting.
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    I'm so glad you asked this!  I've been wondering the same about how it will go this time.  With my first my water broke at 11:30 pm.  Contractions started about 20 minutes later and were 5 minutes apart.  I was a 3 when I got to the hospital (an hour from my house) and the epidural took 2 hours to get, I was a 6 after that probably about 2:30/3:00 a.m.  At 7:20 the doctor came by, DS was born at 7:38 after may 5-10 pushes.  

    I've been wondering if it will be similar or completely different this time around. :)

    eta - It looks like the trend is about the same delivery in terms of weeks but labors appear to get get shorter and shorter.
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