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is this a "pregnancy brain" thing?

So in the past three days I have twice missed a step while going down the stairs. It was at two different houses but both times it was the second to last step. It scared me so much each time. Thankfully I was ok, but inside I was really shaken up. Is this a pregnancy fog type of thing?

Re: is this a "pregnancy brain" thing?

  • I have heard that clumsiness can be linked to preggo brain, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Be careful! 
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  • Thanks! I'm much more careful now. I'm also having my first ultrasound in a week so I'm going to mention it to my doctor.
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  • Try to be a little more mindful.  Really, that's all you can do.  Don't beat yourself up OP.  I banged my big belly against a door frame when I turned too fast once.  Hurt like the dickens and scared me but DD was fine.  
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  • I fell quite a few times throughout my pregnancy. The two worst ones were between 20-24 weeks. I don't know if it was pregnancy brain or my center of gravity was off or what! I put my heels away and was careful on uneven ground and steps!
  • Yep center of gravity thing.  I also had problems for about 4-6 weeks after giving birth because there were no more babies in there!
  • I always get more clumsy with pregnancy, lol. Be careful! Maybe stay away from stairs as much as possible! ;)
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