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Tampa Bay Area moms

For those of you ladies who live in this area, you might have heard of the Seal Swim Schools, they have a few different locations. Well I recently found out they offer a mommy and me class for infants 0-5 months, once a week for 30 minutes, for FREE!

I went with DS today for the first time (he's 6 weeks) and it was great! They have you do different little activities with LO in the water, and it was nice to meet other moms with babies around the same age. They even have classes on the weekend.
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Re: Tampa Bay Area moms

  • Is there a website that has the different locations?
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  • http://www.sealswimschool.com

    This has all of the information on where they're located as well as all of the different classes they offer
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  • Awesome :) thanks for the info!
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