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Carter for a girl??

My husband and I found out we are having a baby girl. We really like the name Carter, but don't want to give this poor little girl gender confusion everywhere she goes for the rest of her life! Has anyone heard of the name Carter being used for a girl? What do you think?

Re: Carter for a girl??

  • I really like it. I personally like masculine names for girls. On my list for girls are Rragan, Charlie (Charlotte), and Emerson. I may actually add Carter!
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  • There's that show on MTV called "Finding Carter" and the character "Carter" is a girl.

    Personally, I think of it as a unisex name.

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  • I really like it.

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  • I like it a lot. Unfortunately, for me, my friend has a son named carter, so it would be weird. 
  • Love Carter...I had a little boy Carter in my first classroom and I remember thinking it would be a cute girl name too... But I'm partial to boy names for girls.. We are likely doing Charlie (Charlotte) or Ellie/Elle (Elliott) for a girl as they both represent our fathers (his having passed 2 years ago) and are less common for girls.

    But I'm sure we will have a boy which we are pretty clueless on still name wise :)

  • It's not unheard of and certainly not the most masculine name I've heard of on a girl. If you like it then you should stick with it.
  • I really like it - it's not our style (DD is Anna, if this one is a girl we are thinking Ella) but I think it's a great name!
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  • Your baby your choice.

    I like Carter for a girl.
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  • I like it. Carter was one of the top name choices for my son, but we were also considering it as a girl name before we found out we'd be having a boy. 

    I have a name that was traditionally used as a boy name at the time and it hasn't affected me one bit. I actually LOVED my name because it was different from all the other traditional girls names you'd hear at the time. 

     If you choose Carter for her, just pick a more feminine middle name and she will be just fine!
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  • Cute!

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  • NMS its a boys name to me. 

    Waited a long time, tried a lot of stuff, science made me a mom.

  • Love the name Carter for a girl!
  • I had a friend growing up named Gregory who was a girl.  No gender confusion on her part and she was pretty awesome. 

    I personally like the name Carter for a girl!
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  • I just met someone on vacation named Carter and she was a girl.  Love that name!


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  • I haven't heard of it but I really like it.  I say go for it.  It sounds really cute.  I don't think it would give gender confusion.  A lot cute girls names are re-appropriated boys names - like Emerson and Reagan.  Plus it makes me a think of June Carter - totally feminine!

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  • Hate it for a girl.
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  • Don't like it. It's a boy's name.

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  • Don't like it. It's a boy's name.
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  • I really LOVE the name Carter, more for a girl than a boy.  Granted, it is not a girly name at all, but I think it's pretty common for a boy.  There was a girl in my high school named Carter (in 1996) and I thought that was the coolest name ever!  :)
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  • @holachicaaa good question. Elliot definitely is in the running either way. Charlie no on the boy list for us, but that really just has to do with popularity and that there is already a tribute to my guy's dad with a male in the family (Charles "Chuck") so we wanted to reimagine the tribute a bit with Charlie (Charlotte) for a girl.

    My guy wants Charlie only but I want Charlotte officially (I like giving a kid some options/say over what to be called).

  • It is personally not my style but I think it could be cute for a girl.  If you guys both love it then I say go for it!
  • I personally don't like it for either sex but I wouldn't side eye it. I don't care for the surname trend but I know it's really popular these days. FWIW, I don't mind unisex names.

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  • ayboaybo member
    I like it!
  • I only like it for a boy, sorry

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  • Thank you to all who shared their opinion! I am a teacher as well, and that was my concern... That the poor girl would constantly have to explain that she was a girl. I asked my kids today in school why they thought and I was surprised that most of them said they thought of that name as a girls name. I think kids are much more accepting than adults! Still undecided though...
  • I just have to jump in because I never see other Kaseys (and spelled with a K too!) @sugahcookie01‌ and as someone with a "boy name" I am not a fan of unisex names. But I agree that if you do chose it, pick a girly middle name.

    At the end of the day it's your choice!
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  • I like boy names for girls, go for it!!!
  • It's really cute! A Strong and powerful name for a girl!
  • I like it. My daughter's name is Peyton, and there is a boy named Peyton in her class so obviously I am okay with unisex names. 

    My opinion is to do what you like unless it is something extremely strange or a super crazy spelling. Carter isn't so different that it would cause tons of confusion. 

    I have also read research that said many women with masculine names are able to get better jobs because they get interviews due to the fact that employers think they are interviewing a male. Whether we like it or not, guys have more advantages in the working world, so having a semi-masculine name may be a good thing. Sorry if I went nerdy but I think studies like that are interesting. :)
  • I think its cute! Picturing a little tomboy lol
  • I like it!  :)  I'm a fan of traditionally masculine/currently uni-sex names for girls.  I don't know any girl Carters currently, but I think it would be really cute.
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  • Carter is my middle name and I was named after my moms best friend whose first name is carter. I love the name and we actually considered it for our baby, a girl :-)
  • It's cute!!!
  • I like it so much that I've now put it on our list and gotten MH's approval on it.

    Is it legal to steal names from an internet stranger? Obviously I would never do that to someone I know IRL.
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