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Toddler attitude

Im usually a lurker here but have posted from time to time.  I wanted to ask if any of you experience this.  My DD spends two - three days with my MIL.  She helps me out thank goodness.  My DD is currently on a small trip with them.  I have to work :(.  I told DD im going to miss you and she says No - I not miss you.  Then precedes to tell me to cry lol.  I talk to her on the phone and tell her I love her.  She says no I love nana....ugh talk about rough.  Is this typical?  She does it alot when she spends time with them.  When she is at home she is all over me, following me hugging me, kisses.etc.. She just turned 3.  
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Re: Toddler attitude

  • Totally normal. My DD has entered this phase as well. She is incredibly affectionate with me when she is home with me but also loves to be a turkey and try to get a reaction by saying "you don't love me...daddy loves me." I just chalk it up to her trying to get a reaction.  Just remember that she doesn't really mean it.

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  • Thanks :)   I think she is trying to get a reaction cause she will say Cry! and kinda smile..... It does kinda hurt but I think she is trying to get a reaction....  Just curious if anyone else experiences this 
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  • Lol  thanks :)   I was hoping typical :) 

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  • Mine is a big fan of "You no my friend."  Basically any time I don't do what he wants, I'm not his friend.  Won't take off my earrings?  I'm not his friend.  Only daddy is his friend.
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