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Siena birth story *long*

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This is a novel, mostly so I can look back! Here's the cliff notes:

Admitted for elective induction due to "prodromal labor" at 40+2. Got hooked up to a whiff of pitocin at 8am, turned Off by 1030, got an epidural while in transition around 9cm! Pushed for 20 min and baby by 1132 AM! I had a lunch tray and it wasn't even cold yet!

Friday the 15th I have a routine check up, 2.5 cm dilated, 80% effaced. Ob and I are confident this is great progress my hopes are up. Nothing happens until Sunday night, start with suppertime CTX every 6-8 minutes all.night.long. until I finally call the ob at 4am and decide to go to L+D for a check. Mostly I was hopeful for change and they'd have to keep me! But if not, I wanted to know so I could make plans for work.

CTX die out on the 10min ride over, don't come back, no change, sent home. I was told on discharge to drink lots of water and rest and I thought "what?! That sounds like advice you give to people who Aren't on their due date and wanting labor to start!!"

So I go into work early and plan a nap before my day starts. Boss comes in, hears my tale of zero sleep and tells me to GTFO, go home and sleep. So I do. Monday afternoon CTX anytime I move position, walk a few feet, anything. But if I stay seated they're like 1-2 an hour. I'm annoyed by this, and they are rather uncomfortable, I can't talk through them.

Tuesday AM (19th) Ob appt and non stress test. Siena does great on NST. Ob asks how I feel and I tell her I'm out of work, the constant ctx while awake. She checks me, I'm up to 3.5-4 and "paper thin" effaced. She calls over to L+D and there's a slot for induction wed AM. I take it, with guilt (elective, only a couple days post-EDD) Ob is unsure I'll make it another 22 hours till morning. I'm convinced my cervix will prove her wrong.

Few sporadic CTX after I go to bed Tuesday night, but got some sleep in between. Arrive at hospital 7am, hooked up to my IV and all by 8. My nurse goes off shift at 3, she's hopeful I'll be gone to postpartum by then. They start pitocin at 2 units, I feel fine. Bump to 4 a half hour later, CTX every 7 min, some are rough, but nothing worse than Sunday night, some are even easier. I'm watching the Today show and it's Al Roker's birthday!

9 am, pit goes to 6 and Ob comes back to check me, I'm at 5cm, she breaks my water. Hardly anything comes out, the head is so low it's plugging the exit. She offers me to sit and rock in a chair instead of sitting up in bed ( I didn't want to walk the halls and gush everywhere). So I pee and move to the rocker which is right next to the bed

By 930 most CTX are at an 8 out of 10 scale, I ask my nurse to call anesthesia, and wonder why I didn't ask before?! 945 CTX are a minute long and coming every 2-3. I get up to move the one step back to bed, to wait for my epidural... This is excruciating and takes 5min to get there. I feel a small gush as I sit on the bed and think " did I just dilate more and the fluid escaped? Maybe was it urine? "

Anesthesia takes 4 million years to arrive ( probably 30 min). I'm shaking like a leaf and my nurse asks if I have to push? "I don't want to push through the pain, I want to tense up and run away from it" i tell her, but she looks a tad nervous and helps anesthesia set up the epi kit. It's not yet 1030, the nurse turns off my pitocin, telling me there's no sense in rushing, nothing will stall out now.

Epidural is in, my belly feels fine but omg it hasnt gotten to my cervix, which is the part that bothers me the most (this time and last). I recall the last epi as complete and instant relief, but I wasnt nearly as far along. We give the loading dose a few minutes to kick in, then the Dr says we'll try another syringe, or else will need to place a second epi. I'm thinking, "no time for that!!" It's about 11 am.

Ob is back and checks me, 9cm. I realize my nurse was worried I was going through transition and maybe was about to deliver without any pain meds. If she hadn't turned off the pit, i think i would have! Within 10 min, I can feel a ton of pressure, but the sharp pain is finally gone, I feel "safe" for lack of a better word

Recheck at 1110, complete and ready to push with the next wave. Siena arrives after about 5 contractions, at 1132. I tore again, but only 2nd degree and along the previous scar. Recovery is a cinch. The worst part had been the after-cramping, especially when S is nursing- that was pretty much gone 3-4 days pp.

She was 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20.25" long. No meconium this time, so she was on my chest while I was stitched up. The shakes had totally gone during pushing and now returned full force. I'd say they kept up 30 min after delivery, and sputtered out when I asked my mom to give the baby back (I'd handed her off to my H and mom after a while because I was scared to drop her!)

No brandy newborn pics on this tablet, but here's a photo for making it through my story!
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Re: Siena birth story *long*

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