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helpful tips needed

anyone have any helpful tips on a successful breastfeeding? My last one wasn't as I had wished it was, so this being my last pregnancy I would love to breastfeed. Any breast pump will work? Does the mothers milk tea help any?


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Re: helpful tips needed

  • The key in my opinion is to nurse non-stop for the first 6 weeks.  At least, it feels that way.  Since your LO will be needing to eat every 2-3 hours from the start of one session until the start of the next (and in the beginning it can take a good 45 minutes per nursing session) you'll have about a 1 - 1 1/2 hour break before you need to nurse again.  Don't take this as a sign you need to supplement.  It doesn't mean you don't have a good enough supply.  It's just nature's way of building up your supply.  With all 3 of my kids, I viewed the first 6-8 weeks as boot camp.  Once you can suffer through that, it's easy sailing!  A lot of women give up during that time because it is so hard early on, and/or begin supplementing because they think they need to, and that leads to problems.  If you pedi is telling you to supplement due to weight gain issues, than of course, do it....but a lot of times women just take that step on their own, and your long term supply will suffer.  GL!

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  • I love what PPs posted, but would modify just a bit to say that Pediatricians typically only have a few hours training on breastfeeding and sometimes they are just not educated on what our bodies are designed to do in the beginning. If your Pedi is concerned about weight gain in the beginning and wants you to supplement with formula I suggest seeking the input of a lactation consultant first. As PP mentioned, some babies lose more than 10% of weight because of fluid retention. Other times, like for myself, we had struggled with latch issues and it took 2 weeks for my DD to get back up to birthweight. My Pedi was concerned and wanted me to supplement with formula and I decided to see an LC instead. Thank goodness I put some trust into my daughter because she wound up gaining 11 ounces in one week.

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  • The one thing I had to repeat to myself over and over again was "don't quit on a bad day" and it really helped. It seemed like everyday for the first month and a half was bad: 20% weight loss, jaundice, I had health issues that tanked my supply within the first 3 weeks, then we battled thrush. All those roadblocks led me to EPing until he was 4 months old but I kept trying to get him to nurse. Here we are a week shy of 9 months and we are still going because I didn't let a bad day convince me to quit.
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  • This article helped me prepare for my second baby.
    If the doctor or nurse says oh just give him formula and they don't have a good reason, do your own research and have confidence in your boobs!

    With my first, they tried to tell me he was gaining too slowly. But i checked the charts and he was fine. They wanted me to come in every 3 days to weigh him, but I told them no because he was gaining (albeit) slowly, he had plenty of pee and poop diapers, and the weigh ins just caused me more stress! He ended up great. He's just a skinny boy. They also suggested formula for my second baby when he didn't pee after his circ. I was patient and waited a couple more hours and he did it.
    Good luck!
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  • Get all the help possible !!!! Friends husband babysitter so that you can enjoy your baby but also have some time to unwind and rest! With my first i was too bervous not to succeed that it happened and i gave up for the pain. With my second was a different story. I had a mommies breastfeeding support group and it helped a lit to share tricks and feel understood! Also the boppy pillow, silverette silver cups and a LC that shows you the correct positions/ latch made a big difference!
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