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Opinion Wanted - Preschool / Pre-K program

I would like an opinion!

We currently have our 4yr old in a great full day preschool/daycare program. They offer a great reading program, swim lessons, breakfast, lunch and snacks and field trips at no additional cost. We are very happy with them overall. (not to mention they are very reasonably priced)

Our district offers a 1/2 day pre-k program. Naturally, we jumped on this thinking it was a great way to get her used to the bus, the school and meet some more of her potential classmates. (we have since decided that we will not be staying in the district)

She was accepted into the pre-k program and the plan was for her to go to daycare/preschool then eat lunch, hop on the bus and go to the pre-k program and then the bus would take her back to daycare/preschool and we would pick her up around 5pm.

The Pre-K program is free if you live in the assigned school. (we do) The program would mean she would ride a bus with older elementary kids. My daughter is only 4 yrs old and this worries my husband. She will also be giving up her nap. Right now she usually sleeps for about 30 to 40 minutes.

I spoke with daycare/preschool and she stated that the decision is ultimately mine to make. She stated if cost is the issue the rate would be the same either way.

She stated that she will be scheduling swim lessons in the mornings for my daughter's group to make sure that kidos still get their lessons in for those parents who chose to still do the district Pre-K program.

My daughter is born end of August (she just turned 4yrs) so we were planning on holding her back a year anyway. The school district is strict about the age requirements for pre-k (not the case for kindergarten). Thus, she would either go to the pre-k program this year or not go at all.

Re: Opinion Wanted - Preschool / Pre-K program

  • I wouldn't really love this idea only because I hate the idea of not knowing what does on with my LO's during the day.  I start the day very early, so we'll use a grandparent or babysitter to get our kids to school, but most days I'll pick them up, so if I have to speak to the teacher I can, at the very least I can say hello, and if they need to speak to me they can.  I would not like the idea of my child going back and forth to anther school without me being there for pick up or drop off.  If they offer a morning session and you can do drop off I'd be more interested.
    Our district also offers 1/2 day pre-k.  We'd have to pay for it and it seems like most of the kids are from other other towns anyway so I don't feel too bad that they'll miss out on it.
  • I agree with a PP that it doesn't make sense to put her in the program if you don't plan on staying in the school district.

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