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Trouble TTC a Sibling

Who's waiting to O?

Doing anything different this cycle?

CD 3 over here. Gonna add Pom juice for shits and giggles.
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Re: Who's waiting to O?

  • mara005mara005
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    CD 20 and still not O'd, and of course this is the cycle I just need to get over with so I can do the tuboplasty. The stress the hsg caused has really taken a toll on my ovulating. Blah!

    "Love is what makes pain bearable." - I love you my Angels. 
    **All After a Loss Welcome**
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    BFP #3: 12/19/13 (4 w1d) EDD 8/27/14 - 1/1/14 discovered it was ectopic/ tube had burst/ had surgery to remove tube (@ 6 weeks)
    BFP #4: 9/10/14 (3w6d) EDD 5/21/15 - natural MC 9/23/14 @ 5w5d
    BFP #5: 11/23/14 (3w3d) EDD 8/4/15 - Please be our Rainbow! 

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  • Cd 2. :( got about 2 more weeks to O time
    m/c April '08
    DD#1 born June '09
    DD#2 born April '11
    TTC #3 as of July '14

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  • nittanyllamanittanyllama
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    WTO here. I'm CD12 but I usually O between days 20-26 so I feel like I do a lot of waiting.

    This is my first cycle since finding out my P4 was 3.3 at 7dpo. Sooooooo, we'll try in a week or so but I'm not hopeful at all. We have our IF consult on Sept. 5 so after that I might know the plan.

    **Speaking of IF consult since most of you have been there... I should bring MH with me, right? I just want to make sure we can find a baby sitter if this is an appointment he should be at. He also did his SA last week so even more of a reason I feel like he's probably supposed to be there.


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    Dx: Low Progesterone (3.3) on 8/12/14

    Waiting for RE appointment on 10/28/14

    Surprise BFP on cycle 12 -- 10/19/14!

    EDD July 1, 2015

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  • @mara005‌ it's been a crazy couple weeks for you. Hope you confirm O soon so you can get your test.
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  • I'm WTO as well but think that today is probably the day (CD20) since I finally turned an OPK positive yesterday.  I'm TTA this cycle but still obsessively monitoring so that I have a better idea what my cycle might look like next month when we're unbenched.

    @nittanyllama, personally I would make sure that DH could attend the appointment.

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  • Oing right now...DH has been working double shifts and I keep waking him up early ;)
  • I'm one of those weird textbook people who actually O's on CD 13 or 14, according to FF, and I'm CD12 today. I actually feel a little less stressed this cycle, I'm not already worrying about luteal phase length or feeling the urge to stock up on tests already. Maybe I can keep this calm going.

    Yeah, I doubt it.


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  • I'm going to any day now. I feel my body gearing up for it.

    This is pretty horrible and I should probably save it for FFFC but after having to unexpectedly put my cat down, I had the selfish thought that it might postpone my ovulation. I feel bad for even thinking that.

  • Doing anything different this cycle? CD 3 over here. Gonna add Pom juice for shits and giggles.
    I'm waiting for AF not O but I had to say I swear by POM.  I did it with my daughter and this latest pregnancy and they are the ones that "stuck" the longest.  Definitely doing it once we're unbenched.  Hope it helps you!
    Me: 31     DH: 33
    Dx: Me: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss; DH: Low Morphology (2%)
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    BFP#2: 5/3/11 - EDD 1/9/12 - DD Born 1/6/12
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    BFP#3: MC 2/8/14 at 4w5d - EDD 10/13/14
    BFP#4: MC 5/6/14 at 4w4d - EDD 1/9/15
    BFP#5: MMC discovered 8/4/14 at 9w1d - D&C 8/5/14 - Baby Boy with Trisomy 16 (maternal origin) - EDD 3/8/15
    BFP#6: CP 11/6/14 at 4w2d - EDD 7/14/15
    IVF #1 with ICSI & PGS: May/June 2015, ER 6/3/15, 17R/17M/15F
    IVF #2 with ICSI & PGS: July 2015, ER 7/16/15, 16R/11M/9F
    PGS results = 6 normal embryos (4 boys, 2 girls)
    FET 9/23/15 = BFFN
    Natural FET 11/4/15 = BFP!
    Beta 9dp5dt = 92

  • I'm with you on CD 3.

    Gonna try all the late night swimming pool sex when we get to fertile week ;)

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  • I drank pomegranate juice in my green tea for 3 months before we started ttc our first and got pregnant the first cycle. Maybe there's something to it.
    First Child born 11/27/12
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    Twins born into Heaven
    BFP - 4/6/14, due date 12/8/14. First twin M/C at home - 5/5/14, Second twin D&C - 6/5/14

    TTA for three normal cycles per doctor's orders, and not sure of the plan after that. 
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