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Testing dreams (child mentioned)

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I'm in the 2WW with September 1 as my next anticipated visit from AF.  This weekend, I bought a 3-pack of First Response HPTs and set up my testing schedule:  Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

Last night, my three-year old slept badly, causing me to wake up multiple times.  Time in the middle of the night to think about things is dangerous.  

Conversation with myself ensues:  

Would testing a day earlier make a difference?  
No, of course not.  One day is completely arbitrary.  Amiright?  Or amiright, self?  
Oh, you're totally right.  At the same time, the First Response Test people's online test to determine the earliest day their product could provide a BFP is Wednesday.  So, I should wait.
Wait?  Why???  It's one day.

At some point, I fall asleep (around 2:30 a.m. or so).  Then the testing dreams begin.  I'm with some stranger who thinks she may be pregnant.  I offer her one of my three tests (which for whatever reason involves a shoe-lace type thing) to take.  She takes it and needs help interpreting it.  I look at it with her and am confused.  

Then, it's my turn.  I POAS and have the same confusion in reading the test.  I take the test to a large group of women who huddle around the test, attempting to make sense of it.  <<End dream>>

Anyway, yeah.  Now I'm dreaming about testing.  

So, patience is not a virtue I possess (not news to me).  So, I POAS and BFN.  

Now, of course I'm disappointed.  First, because I caved and tested a day earlier.  Second, because it's a BFN.  Third because seriously I TRULY BELIEVE I'M PREGNANT.  

I know.  I know.  I tested too early.  Bad me.  

I'll now wait until Thursday before trying again.  I've written this post to refer to when I get the urge to POAS tomorrow morning (that's WHEN not IF).  I want to remind myself how awful it felt this morning to have a stupid HPT ruin my morning, darken my mood, and not enjoy spending time with my daughter before dropping her at daycare before coming in to work.  

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Re: Testing dreams (child mentioned)

  • I had to LOL at this post...cracked me up! You are just very eager and having those anxious "what if" impulses. It happens.

    But yeah-- definitely wait until Thursday. There is a reason why I am wait-til-the-day-my-period-would-start tester...I don't like unnecessary BFNs!

    Good luck :)
  • I don't know why we do this to ourselves (I am equally guilty).  FX on Thursday!
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  • I'm in the same boat as you, desperately want to test.  I told myself it was ok to test Mon., Wed., and Fri.  Mon, was negative.  Hoping it changes between now and Fri. 

    I truly hope you get a BFP on Thurs and don't have to wait for the weekend!!!!
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    All welcome
  • Seriously, go to the dollar store and get the tests for a buck (the red/pink line ones, stay away from blue lines). They will work just as well,

    Then at least if you get a BFP you can confirm with an expensive one. Just a thought. 10-15 dollar store tests to 1 FRER = more times you get to pee on sticks. =D>
  • I bet the group of woman was all the bumpies!!!! lol

    I still hope you get a BFP

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  • I managed to get out of the house this morning without testing.  After yesterday's BFN, I don't feel pg anymore, but I don't know what my back pain is about.  I experienced back pain very early on with DD, even before I learned I was pg.

    lgsdesigner- I'm glad the post made you laugh.  

    meredithcarole- Thank you!  

    shannonm97- "Desperately wanting to test" is the perfect description of where I'm at.  Today is Wednesday, so did you test?  Fx for your BFP!

    CML11- You're being a very bad influence, and I love it!  I can just imagine the cashier's reaction if I buy out the store's stock of HPTs!!!  Do you think one of those tests would register a BFP this far before the start of my period (Monday)?

    KirstenAlecia- Had to have been all the bumpies!!!  That explains it.  

  • I agree with CML - the Dollar Store tests might be the way to go if you just can't bear it. Sending you a hug hug! HappySeeker
  • @jgalassi‌ I did my research on them, I think you have to register 40 ml (I might be off, it's been a while) of the HCG hormone. They say you double your hormone everyday. As for a day for a BFP, I never got one do I don't exactly know. From what people say they work just as well. Hope I'll find out for myself one day!
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