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LO Refusing Bottles of BM

Hi ladies. I'm hoping you can help me!

I am a teacher and recently started back at work. LO went with my parents for a few hours a couple days in a row, and has now been at a new daycare for 2 days. She refuses to drink from a bottle. We did not have this issue after she was born; she took a bottle with no issue from February to June.

DCP and my parents both tried several different bottles, a sippy cup, warm/cold/room temp milk, feeding with one of my shirts on, inside/outside, and in a quiet room. Nothing has worked. She will eat solids.

I am concerned because we are away from each other for 9+ hours a day and she is not drinking anything. She nurses 3-4 times overnight, which I had thought was comfort nursing to get back to sleep. I think now she is waking because she needs the calories (the several wakings occurred before the bottle refusal).

Is this reverse cycling? Does she want more solids? Do I just keep trying different bottles? Is this just part of the transition of me going back to work after a summer together? Thanks for any advice you can give.

Re: LO Refusing Bottles of BM

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    My LO took bottles with no problem until he turned 3 months.  From then on out, he refused and put up the biggest fight.  I just returned to work this week and was so afraid that he wouldn't eat (we're not on solids yet.)  The first day was rough, but he ended up taking almost 4 ounces in 8ish hours.  The next day was better and today was actually pretty good.  I second trying a straw cup.  LO was very interested in trying to drink from a straw cup but just wasn't getting enough so we go back and forth with that and the como tomo bottle.  Btw, my guy's milk has to be really REALLY warm, almost hot in order for him to take it.

    It does sound like your girl may be reverse cycling a bit.  I think my guy is for sure, he went from eating every 2-3 hours for 5 mins before I returned to eating almost every hour for 10-15mins now that I'm working.  GL and hope things improve soon!  
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