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Problems with non-toxic registry items

I'm really concerned with the harmful chemicals in so many baby (and household) products.  I'm only 13 weeks along but have been researching products like crazy.  I feel like I've found most of the items that I will need from brands/in materials that I will be comfortable with. However, my extended family is from a small-ish town that only has a target nearby and a babies r us about 1/2 an hour away.  Target and Babies R Us both carry plenty of nontoxic and organic items that would work great and I'd be perfectly happy with, but they only carry them online and I don't think most of my family really shops online.  Any ideas on what kind of stuff to put on the registries so they don't feel like they have to order something?  I understand that I might end up buying most of my items myself, which is fine, but I know they'll want to get me gifts too.

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  • Would they be willing to buy you gift cards then? Maybe put things like your swaddling blankets, pacifiers, bottles, bibs, diapers etc on your Target or BrUs registry, and then save the non-toxic things like your mattress and such for an Amazon registry. Your post caught my eye because I'm expecting my third baby and am on the hunt for a non-toxic changing pad. If this were my first, I'd splurge on the Naturpedic 100$ organic one free of everything harmful, but its my third so I'm trying to find something cheaper. Have you found anything?!
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    Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm hoping they will be okay with doing some gift cards.  I'm planning to get the Naturepedic pad, but there's also a cheaper pad by Oeuf that you might try. They have it on Amazon, but it's way more than on Oeuf's website.  I've found some travel pads that are supposed to be nontoxic too, but I don't think they'd be ideal for the changing table.
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  • The Target near my house has just recently started carrying more organic baby products and toiletries, so I would still register for those items in case they do start carrying them in the store where your family shops (especially if you are only 13 weeks along). Also, I will add that several of my family members that I assumed wouldn't shop online actually did order things to be directly shipped to our house, so people may surprise you. 

    There are so many other things for which you can register, too. We were given registry checklists when we registered at both Babies R Us and Target that included many things we hadn't thought of adding to our registries; I know you can find similar lists online by simply Google searching for them. Our extended families tend to have a different mindset than my husband and I do about organic and natural-based products, and there were still plenty of things on our registry for them to select other than bedding and toiletries. 
  • Worst case scenario, you can always return the items that you aren't comfortable with for store credit if they have the tags but no receipt, or maybe find someone who would buy them or trade? Just trying to give some more ideas...
    (I grew up in a very rural area, so if any of my friends of family want to give gifts, they're usually limited to just walmart, so I totally understand where you're coming from! Amazon's universal registry is pretty awesome to check out too, because you can add stuff you find on, say, Etsy, to it! I don't know if many of your loved ones are keen on buying online, but it helps a lot)
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