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Comparing yourself to other pregnant women?

Anyone else guilty of this? I am. I'm ashamed that I am, but it is what it is. I have a few cousins pregnant right now and they are perfect tiny little women. I already look farther along than them. I'm not a tiny girl, but I'm not huge IMO. I'm 5 foot 5 in and 173 to start. I am my best around 140-145 so I am ashamed of myself for not getting in shape before baby #2. I was 164 with DS to start and got up to 210!!! Anyways, I need to get over this. Maybe I will when this bloat doesn't look like a questionable gut and looks like a definite baby bump. 
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Re: Comparing yourself to other pregnant women?

  • I only have memories of others' pregnancies. Most started off way smaller than I did. Your stats mirror my own. I am clinging to the hope that even though my body type is drastically different than my mother's was or sister's is, heredity will allow me to weigh less post-delivery like they did. I won't be holding my breath.
  • I find myself doing the same thing. I'm constantly thinking of how I will look like a rolly polly. I also feel like since I'm much bigger, I won't look really pregnant intil almost 3rd tri. I'm 5'7 220 but most people think I'm lying when I tell them my weight. I carry most of my weight inY thighs and butt. Since I've been pregnant my stomach looks sooo fat! Sigh...
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  • This thread is ramping up all my emotions and now I want to ugly cry in the bathroom at work.
    It's hard not to look at others and it's also difficult to think about the what if's I totally feel you on this, but I also feel @mbm1983 and other PPs that our bodies are honorable.

    I just keep reminding myself that everything is going to sag and droop and pudge over time no matter what I do, so I try to enjoy my life and the body I live it in. It's not always easy, but it's a happier life than the alternative.
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  • I remind myself that comparison is the thief of joy. It is always there. It never gets easier with being a mom. You will always try and compare yourself to another mom or your child to another child. It is a hard habit to kick. Your body is doing an awesome thing. You are growing a human. There are always the wish I dids before having a baby but they don't matter.

    This this this.

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  • Wow, I debated whether or not to post this, and I'm so glad I did! I feel so empowered now! And yes, my DS is worth way more than a size 2, or 8 for that matter haha. Thanks ladies! Hope this helps others to feel empowered and very "hell ya!" too!!!!
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    [Deleted User]shoeflypieEssJayCee[Deleted User]
  • I know this is a hard thing to deal with but my advice is to...
    Knock that shit off!!!
    I'm a plus size mom and I catch myself being envious of cute little pregnant gals that are all bumps- it isn't worth it.
    I'm damn happy and excited to be pregnant. I'm going to enjoy it!
    Also, if you start focusing on others now you will contine to do it after you have the baby- comparing yourself to them post baby and comparing babies.
    Pregnancy and motherhood is not a pissing contest!

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  • It's built in us to compare, but take that step back & give yourself a big squishy hug. Youre beautiful & your body amazing.. housed grew delivered & raises your first. & now your second. Congrats!!
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  • I'm petite 5'1 124 lbs. no matter what size you are as a women everyone's body is going to go through changes of weight gain, weight in areas we don't like, stretch marks, varicose veins, cellulite. No matter if you are underweight, normal weight, over weight just keep in mind that everyone's body is going to change and each individual person is still thinking about their body image. Unfortunately the way society is today everyone worries about these new body image changes, the pregnant woman is beautiful no matter what size and after 9 months a beautiful baby will be born that you have created and nothing is more beautiful than that :)
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    Even before I was pregnant, or even TTC, I worried about being a humongous pregnant girl.  Now that I am pregnant, I still am anxious about ballooning and feeling like gabba the hutt for 9 months, BUT I've come to the realization that if it happens, it's not the end of the world.  
    You have an adorable son!  Just enjoy carrying another beautiful baby to bring into this world!
  • This post has really helped I am 5 ft 8 in and overweight by enough that it angers me.
    I have been putting forth effort to get in better shape while stationed with the Air Force (Hubs is active duty) in California.
    I wanted to lose more weight before getting pregnant. I wanted what my friends had those beautiful photo shoots where they are glowing and pregnantly gorgeous. You all know the ones! But I also didnt want to put off starting trying to conceive. Our insurance makes you wait for year before considering trying anything for infertility and I wanted a family so bad that I was nervous we would have a rough time.
    Well we conceived a month later (I am very grateful) and now I am just trying to find ways to feel beautiful.
    Its hard when you have a tummy and that bump wont show for a while and when it does will people just think i am getting extra fat?
    Knowing other people are feeling gross next to the celebrities of the world makes me feel like my expectations were out of control in the first place.
    We just have to remember that those people of a team of minions to make them look good at all times. I am sure we'd all look like a million bucks if we did too!
  • I am 5'5 and 200 lbs.  I am probably at my most fit at about 170-160.   After feeling broken in some way over the last two years of IF issues,  I am learning just how cool my body is again.

    Would I rather be back down to a size 8 when I got pregnant?  Sure,   but I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.   A healthy baby is all that I am worried about right now! 
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