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WDYT of our girl name choice?

Molly Paige

My DD is Finley Grace.

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Re: WDYT of our girl name choice?

  • I think its sweet.
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  • I love Molly!! Very cute
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  • I really like it!  I think it sounds very pretty.
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  • I love the name Molly. So cute.
  • So cute! Paige is one of my favorite middle name choices, and it sounds great with Molly :)
  • I think it is very cute
  • Very pretty!
  • I really like it! 
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  • I like the name Molly, and Paige was going to be our first DD's name...They sound cute together.
  • sweet. I love Finley. tooo cute.
  • Adorable name!
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  • It's cute!
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  • I think it's adorable and a great name!

    The only semi-negative thing -- I had a good friend in college named Molly who hated her name because she thought it was a nickname.  Molly is a traditional Catholic nickname for Mary, so she felt like it shouldn't be a name on it's own.  I disagree, and think it's a great time, but just thought I'd pass that on.

    I love it though!

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  • I think Molly is a cute name.

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  • Great choice!  Wink
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  • 2 of my cousins first names together is what I think...and I guess I am going to be the only one to say I really dislike the name Molly.  Can't really explain why, I just don't like it.  My cousin with the name is a gorgeous girl, but I just always disliked her name.  My mom and I just called her "the baby" for a long time because we disliked the name so much...

    that is just my opinion, and you don't know me, and it seems you have a ton of other people here who love it.

  • I like it!  But isn't Molly typically a nickname?  Either way, it's cute.
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  • Yes
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  • I really like the name Molly, but I don't think it "ages well"; I think it's cute on a little girl but a little cutesy for a woman. I'd like it best as a nickname for another name. I think traditionally it's a nn for Mary, but it could also be for Malia, Amelie, Amalia, etc.
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  • i like molly.  i knew a cheerleader in school with that name.  because her name was unusual it was easy to remember
  • I like the name, but I don't think it pairs well with her sister's name. I don't know what would match better with Finley, but Finley and Molly don't sound like sisters to me.
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  • I think that Molly always sounds cute for a kid, but not for an adult.  That being said, I think Molly & Finley sound cute together.  Love Paige, one of my all time faves...
  • Very cute! I struggle with whether or not Molly ages well. But the combo is cute, I love your DD's name too.

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  • I like it, but think of Molly as a nn.

    My first thoughts were Molly Ringwald and the American Girl doll.

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  • I like it!  But keep in mind that Molly is also the most popular dog name! 
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