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DS was 2 in May.  Around May he started getting a note home from school once a week saying what they did that week.  The one week it was they they worked on the color green, that was the only color week they had.  He's been home with me all summer.  We go over colors often, and everything is green to him.  I thought it was kind of funny, like this is the only color he learned at daycare, but now I'm starting to wonder if he's color blind.  I casually point out colors often, but he doens't seem to be picking it up.  Yesterday my dad was doing blocks with him and asking him for different colors.  It seems as though my son has no idea what a color is.  When I asked him to give my dad the triangle block he seemed to understand a bit more clearly what a triangle was than what a color was.

Any idea how you determine if a child that young is color blind?  I thought he may need glasses because he often squints at the tv, but his vision was fine at his 2 year old check up.  The dr. did ask me if he knew his colors, I said no and he just said to keep working on it.

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  • I wouldn't worry too much. My kid thought everything was yellow when he turned 2, and somewhere between 2 and 3, he picked up all the colors. I think our pediatrician said not to worry as long as he knew a couple colors by age 3.

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  • I wouldn't worry.  Color blindness rarely means you can't see any colors at all.  It generally means you can't differentiate between certain colors on the color spectrum and even then it can be very subtle.  My brother is color blind and often mixes up shades of green, brown and gray if they're all "muddy" kwim?  It would be rare for him to not see any colors at all.  It's much more likely he's just being two :)

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  • Ditto PP.  It's not abnormal for a 2 yo not to know all of their colors.  It's more likely green is the color that comes to mind first for him.  DS will be 2 in a couple weeks and he only knows pink and red and he doesn't know the difference.  He's usually just parroting his sister.  I'm sure he'll get them figured out.  
  • My two year old daughter calls everything "green" too - I'll ask her what color something is and she wont even look at it and tell me it's green. I know she's not colorblind because it's X-linked and I can see all the colors (as can her father). I think it's just that she's a stubborn toddler and can't be bothered to care about colors right now. I'm not too worried since she's on target with everything else, I'm guessing it's the same for your son.
  • Both of my girls went through stages where they called everything one color - DD1 identified everything as green for months; DD2 called everything purple. I think it's really, really common for 2 year olds. DD2 is 2.75 now and identifies colors correctly. But I don't think she got that until she was close to 2.5. 
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  • Chances are it's nothing & that color just really stuck w/ him for some reason. It may even be that he doesn't quite understand what you are asking when you want him to name a color.

    If you are really concerned you can google "Color Blindness Test" & show him the images. Choose examples w/ shapes or animals, something he can easily identify & name. Ask what he sees. If everything is "green" then most likely you would want to check for red/green color blindness.
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  • Ditto everyone else. Everything was "blue" for DS for a while. He now knows his colors.
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