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CPW: DS or DD's current favorite toy

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What is the current obsession in your house?

CPW: DS or DD's current favorite toy 45 votes

13% 6 votes
0% 0 votes
6% 3 votes
13% 6 votes
17% 8 votes
20% 9 votes
Musical instruments
2% 1 vote
Board games
2% 1 vote
0% 0 votes
*SS* Tell us!
24% 11 votes

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Re: CPW: DS or DD's current favorite toy

  • I voted cars but it is a dead tie between cars and kitchen stuff/play food. He loves both!!

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  • DS is obsessed with cars, car mats and anything that can be used to play with cars!

    We bought him a power wheel this summer and it is the new favorite! He will also ride his bike for miles when we go on walks!
  • It's a toss up between blocks and play doh.  There is so much play doh in our carpet right now it will never be clean again.
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  • Tractors.  Huge obsession with tractors.

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  • DD is currently obsessed with her Kitchen set. We have a smaller one on the main floor that she drags into the kitchen every evening when I'm making dinner.

    It is a toss up though between that and daddies hot wheels cars. She also has a little four wheeler that we inherited, and she's currently OBSESSED with driving it around the yard.  

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  • omg the cars.  ALL THE CARS.  If it has wheels and an engine, Hunter is ob.  sessed.  The highlight of his day is when the garbage truck comes through our neighborhood, collects the trash and, holy shit, turns around!!!!!!!!  

    It's mind blowing, you guys.  Mind.  blowing.  <3

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  • They both absolutely LOVE legos.
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  • Books. I love it, but definitely get tired of reading the same ones over and over. She also flips out over Tinkerbell.


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  • My 3&5 yo have been into my little ponies and other small figurine type toys (princesses, mickey, frozen, doc mcstuffins etc)
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  • Tractors.  Huge obsession with tractors.

    She's tractor obsessed also. Have you seen the little combine with a moving auger? I regularly have to drive the combine and pour corn into the grain truck for her.
  • Balls.  Since she figured out how to crawl she throws the ball and goes after it.  She also loves her light up balls and the balls with rubber hair.
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  • I got the little tikes climb n slide castle through my twin club sale. They have been playing with it since they were 9 months old. By far their favorite toy!

    We have it set up in the living room with the slide part flipped under it so they can climb up and look out the window.

    We bought a bunch of ball pit balls and a blow up pool, so we put the slide part into the pool full of balls and they have a blast.

    Other than that, they use their Minnie and Mickey upholstered chairs all the time. They will eat snacks in them, read in them, grab a toy and play in them, and push them to the couch to climb up and steal the remote.
  • DD loves her Fisher Price dollhouse and plays with it so much she knows the words to all the songs it plays. She loves her Kitchen especially chucking all the accessories into the sink and pretending to wash them. She always wants me to sit on the floor and watch her play but heaven help me if I try to play too and cramp style! She also loves books and absolutely anything Sofia the First, Dora the Explorer or Doc McStuffins.
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