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Very tired Toddler

My daughter just turned 2. This whole week every morning she is waking up and is still exhausted. She will have bursts of energy but she keeps wanting to lay down on the couch often throughout the day and is acting very tired all day long. She is sleeping 11-12 hours a night (normal) and is napping 90 min-2 hours daily (normal).  She has no fever, her appetite is still good and she isn't showing any signs of being sick so I don't know if I should call the doctor.

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  • That's what we were thinking too. She also has been eating a lot
  • Growth spurt. My daughter had a big one right after she turned 2.

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  • Great. Thank you! I was worried but I don't think she's sick
  • My dd did the same thing in July (22 months).  She slept 11-12 hours and napped 1.5 hours and wanted to lay down all day.  She wasn't even interested in playing with her favorite toys as much.  It went on for a few weeks so we took her to the pedi.  She told us if it continued then she would need bloodwork.  About a week later she was back to normal and she's had an enormous appetite since! Good luck!
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