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Five weeks spotting

I am five almost six weeks along and I have had some pinkish brown spotting today when I wipe is this normal or should I have it looked at ?

Re: Five weeks spotting

  • This can be normal for most women. Spotting during pregnancy happens to a lot of women, if its accompanied by cramping or really heavy bleeding than you should be more worried. This pinkish brown spotting is your body just getting rid of this old blood. Either way you should notify your OBGYN and let them know. My first two pregnancies, I didn't have any spotting, but this time around I did. What I told you is exactly what my OBGYN told me, its normal! I know its hard not to freak out when you see spotting while your pregnant but just remind your self that everything is okay and its normal.  :-bd
  • Its normal!  Especially after you have sex or an internal ultrasound.  Brown is old blood, so as long as its not bright red and lot, you are OK.  My OB said his wife bled everyday for the first 20 weeks.  Every.  Day.  I'd go crazy!
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