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For those of you who do quiet time instead of nap

This kind of goes along with my other post about not napping.  What kind of boundaries do you set for quiet time?  What do you let your LO have access to?  Do they have to stay in bed or do they just have to stay in their room?  If you let them have books do you leave a light on?  

Re: For those of you who do quiet time instead of nap

  • Since my DD is sort of hit or miss with naps some days she just does quiet time instead.  I haven't stopped the nap routine because she still naps half the time and she starts back at preschool next week and that might tire her out more.

    She has access to books, stuffed animals, and a couple purses she plays with.  Also, she has an american girl bitty baby and a little toy pac n play in her room.  I do not make her stay in her bed but she does need to stay in her room.  (Sometimes she does go in to my room and get in my bed.)  If she is being loud I go up and tell her to be quiet because DS is napping in the room next door.  I do not leave her light on and I shut her blinds.  But in the middle of the afternoon its still pretty light in there.  I'm still trying to encourage some sleep but I have learned to just sort of let her go and what happens happens.  She is still happier throughout the day with quiet time in her room than she is if I don't take her up there at all.  Good luck!
  • DD has always been a sleep fighter, so keep that in mind...but somewhere between 2.5 and 3 she started to not really need a daily nap every day (meaning she did not totally fall apart by dinner time if she didn't go to sleep) so I gladly stopped battling it.  She still does quiet time after lunch in her room.  In the beginning she would fall asleep maybe half the time; now she is almost 5 and never falls asleep unless she's really tired or has a cold or something.  She has books in her room and a CD player that she can play music or stories on.  She has some CDs of Disney princess stories that she likes to play.  As long as she is quiet and in her room I am OK with that.  If she wants to go to sleep she knows how to turn her light off now, but during the day her room is pretty bright anyway.  Honestly just having a little down time like that in the middle of the day helps her a LOT.  She always comes out more calm and happy. 

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    When DD is in quiet time, I make her stay in bed. She puts a couple of books in bed with her and a stuffed animal or baby doll. She spends her quiet time looking at books, talking to her doll, singing, etc. Our rule is she has to stay in bed. I don't keep the lights on, but it also isn't completely dark in there either. Her room gets the afternoon sun and even with the blinds closed she still has some light come through. That said, if it hasn't ever stopped her from napping. If she is tired, then she sleeps during her quiet time. If she isn't she just quietly keeps herself busy while laying in bed.
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  • DD still naps 90% of the time, so we aren't to the point where we call it "quiet time" yet. On the days where she doesn't nap, she quietly plays or reads books in bed/in her room.  As long as she's quiet and stays in her room, that's fine with me. 

  • My 3 year old still takes a nap, at least most days.  My 4 year old hasn't napped since her 2nd birthday.  She does quiet time in her room for 1 1/2 hours.  She has a stoplight timer in her room.  When it is on green, she can play.  The last 20 minutes are yellow, which means clean up.  If it is all clean, when it turns red she can come out.  

    It wasn't always that easy with her, but it has been a breeze for the past year or so.  She has a dollhouse, books, baby dolls & accessories, dress up clothes, etc.  Nothing electronic except for her music player (it's a sweet pea mp3 player) that plays music and reads some stories.
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  • We do lights out but he has a pretty bright nightlight so he definitely has enough light to read and play. He is allowed to play with anything that is in his room (only quiet toys - blocks, stuffed animals, dinosaurs, etc), read, or lay in bed.

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