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Considering VBAC after very difficult emergency section....

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Hi ladies - I also posted this under the c-section board. - I'm looking for any insight from anyone who's been through a similar situation. In short - my first labor went like this: Normal pregnancy with no plans for any intervention @ birth at all. Water broke, fully dilated 12 hours later, pushed for over 2 hours with no progress. The surgeon said that the baby was stuck in my pelvic bone and that I have a very narrow birth canal. At that time time they decided to do a c-section. Gave me a spinal which helped with the contractions but I could still feel them "down there" And baby's heartbeat was weakening so they put me under general anesthetic and did the c-section with me asleep. Mission accomplished, I'm healthy and baby is healthy. Fast forward 16 months and I'm pregnant again and EXTREMELY nervous this time. I have had a LOT of pain at times in my abdomen when my little guy hits me there, running etc. I feel like there is a chance that I haven't healed properly. I would like to attempt a VBAC but am terrified of both the same situation happening again, and even worse - something going wrong during it. They said the spinal didn't work as I have light scoliosis in my spine and I'm not sure that a spinal or epidural would work either. I'm scared. I'm looking for suggestions, thoughts, experiences.... I'm just bummed out. I went into my first labor calm, and just ready..... Now, I'm still months and months away and terrified of what will happen and what the right decision is.

Re: Considering VBAC after very difficult emergency section....

  • @Ang081‌ I had a similar c section experience with my first DS. I dilated perfectly and when it came time to push he was sunny side up and couldn't fit under my pubic bone. I pushed for 3 hours and then the doctor recommended a c section. My recovery was long and very painful.

    On Wednesday I had a very successful VBAC! We originally had a planned RCS for July 8th. I opted for a planned c section because I was so traumatized from trying a vaginal birth the first time.

    I went into labor early on Wednesday morning and was 4 cm dilated by the time I got to the hospital. I dilated really fast and got my epi at 7 cm. by the time my doctor came in to talk to me about the c section I was 10 cm dilated and his head was right there. She asked if I wanted to try for a VBAC and encouraged it over the c section. I started pushing a few minutes later and he came out crying after only 20 minutes of pushing!

    I did need a small episiotomy but I haven't had much pain from it. I recommend going for it! After having a vaginal birth I can't believe I came so close to having another c section.

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    Awwww. That's really nice to hear. Congratulations on a successful VBAC, you must be so proud. :)
    Did you have an epi the first time around?

    I will not be using the same Dr. again....which is part of my issue. I live in a very tiny town and the hospital doesn't even offer epidurals or c-sections (unless it's an emergency, like mine was) which is the reason they tried a spinal instead of a epi.

    Soooo.....since I'm considered high risk in their eyes, having the baby here is not an option. I have my 1st appointment with my Dr tomorrow so lots of questions to ask her....

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  • I had a traumatic 1st cs (40w1d, thought it was a placental abruption). When I had my 2nd, we prepped like crazy for VBAC (bradley classes, as I was told no induction methods allowed, and since the epi can reduce contractions, pitocin is often necessary). However, I ended up at 42w1d and no progress at all, so had a RCS. My RCS was AMAZING and soooo much easier than I had anticipated it being. Night and day different from my first.

    I say try it if you want it... but only you will know what is right for you.

  • I also labored, pushed for a little over 3 hours, and needed a C-section because baby was stuck in my pelvic bone. The surgery itself was traumatic as well. His head was so tightly wedged in my pelvis that the Dr. had a hard time getting him out and tore my uterus in 3 places in the process. My recovery was long and miserable and the Dr. informed me I would most likely never be able to try for a VBAC due tot he uterine tears :(

    I am scared shitless of another section, but I am scared even more of my scars rupturing. I'm scared of getting pregnant and stretching them. The thought of my incision scar stretching to accommodate a baby is one of the most horrifying thoughts to me and I have no clue how I will handle it. I will probably be afraid my incisions will pop open my entire pregnancy.

    So basically, I have no advice, just commiseration and a shared experience (baby stuck in pelvis and long recovery). Good luck to you!





  • Sorry to thread jack, but @lewispm, you doctor is okay with you getting pregnant again with the uterine tears? Do you know if they will plan to do anything special next time like a really early section or anything?
  • I don't really have much advice to give, as I am in the same boat - not sure if I want to try or not. 

    With my first pregnancy, I was 18 years old, had normal labor, but when it came time to push, the baby just wouldn't come out (Easily).  They used forceps, and a vacumn and finally got her out.  I tore a muscle in the process. 

    With my 2nd, I labored normall with no epi until 10 cm, as anesthesiologist was busy, then after pushing a few minutes, my little guy started having trouble breathing.  Called for a STAT c-section, 5 mins later from one room to the next, he was born.  My husband wasn't there with me.  He and my mom were a nervous wreck. 

    My doctor asked me about VBAC and I adamantly said no way, my labors sucked, sign me up for a scheduled cs.  But, now I'm wondering if I should try.  I wonder if some women just don't have the right size birth canal though.  I know the healing process was so much easier with a vaginal birth though. 

    Tough decision!

  • PortermansWifey   - how far along were you when you went into labor?
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