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Gassy Baby - Solutions?

We've had a really rough week. The boys were sick (and are still recovering).  Then Owen started to get really fussy in the evenings. The other day he screamed and cried for 5 hours straight. This is the complete opposite from our happy, never really cries or fusses baby.  Has anyone dealt with this, any suggestions, tips? 

Re: Gassy Baby - Solutions?

  • We have used these gas drops and they really help: 

    It took a few times to notice a difference (we will put a few drops into each bottle when he has been really gassy and fussy), but once they kicked it there was a noticeable difference.

    We have also done a lot of bicycle leg exercises, and light massage on his tummy to try to help let the gas out.

    Usually when Will is gassy it is also because he hasn't pooped in a while, and is having trouble going. We have also found that when he is sitting up it helps him to go more than if he is in a reclined position. So we will put him in his swing (my wife now actually calls it "the pooping swing") and adjust the incline so he is sitting more upright... usually that helps a bit.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your little guy is having a tough time. Thinking of all of you!

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  • @KH826 & @jrtmom - thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll try bicycle legs and the gas drops (I'm going to run out the store this afternoon to start him on them immediately) :-).  I haven't even really consider what I ate - but I'll look at that too...

    Thanks again!!

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    We also had good luck with the gas drops and the bicycle legs. Another thing we had success with was gripe water, which we used most of all.

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  • Thank you @valeriegp - I'll gripe water too :-)

  • @Jazibel does Owen arch his back when he is screaming/fussing. We didn't realize Oliver had reflux for a long time because he wasn't spitting up. He was just crying, arching his back, and feeding every 1-2 hours. So we tried all the "gas" solutions as mentioned by PP but until we started reflux meds not much helped. I hope Owen in just gassy but I thought I would mention it.
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  • @mwagner25 - now that you mention it, I'm not sure. But I will start to pay closer attention. He does spit up pretty regularly. Kaden did too and his Pedi diagnosed him as a "happy spitter", but maybe Owen isn't.... We had a better night tonight (so far - FX).

    Thanks for the heads up!! :-)

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