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muscles stretching

My husband and I were intimate the other day and I felt a lot more muscles stretching in my lower abdominal area afterwards.  It comes and not debilitating and there is no spotting or bleeding. We also just had a successful ultrasound a day or two before and everything was great (baby is very active with a strong heartbeat). I am 11 weeks and this is my first pregnancy so I am tending to worry. Are all these stretchy feelings common? Thanks ladies! 

Re: muscles stretching

  • This is my first pregnancy as well, and I've had the exact same experience!  At first I was really concerned and did a whole heck of a lotta research, and apparently it's all very normal.  Anytime after you orgasm you can get cramps or that "stretching" feeling, and unless there's a lot of pain or bleeding, apparently it's nothing to worry about.  Just another joy to add to list of being pregnant!
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