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From early on in my pregnancy, my OB told me they dont let their patients go past their due date and that most people schedule an induction in the 39th week. I knew this didnt sound right, but being a FTM I didnt know much better. At my appt 39w2d I was 1.5cm and 70% and was told I am a good candidate for induction. I could go in that night, or wait but she wouldnt want me going past my due date which was in 5 days. "you can have a plan in place, get your epidural whenever you want and not labor in pain for hours before being admitted if labor was spontaneous". Even though baby and me were just fine. Miserable, swollen and easily swayed, we went in that night. 
Cervadil was placed that night by an old nurse who didnt seem to have good bedside manner. It hurt so bad, seemed to take forever to place and i bled on the sheets afterwards. I hadnt even bled after cervical checks at doctor appts. I didnt sleep a wink all night as I was pretty crampy until morning. In the morning I was 2cm, and for some reason that cervical check and every one after that was so painful I was in tears every time. They broke my water and I demanded the epidural before they started pitocin because whatever the cervadil was doing was making me miserable enough. The epidural took a while to place, and when they (epi person and the trainee) got it placed they realized it was wrong and had to do it over again. Once it was in, my blood pressure dropped and I think the babys heart rate dropped, so I had to wear a oxygen mask to stabilize. I dont know how or what youre supposed to feel with an epi but my lower back was killing me and since i was stuck laying on my back, it was not uncomfortable at all. I thought an epi gave you relief but I had a constant back pain that didnt come and go like a contraction. I kept telling the nurse the epi wasnt working and I was in tears. She said it isnt supposed to take away all the pain, and I would still feel pressure. After telling her a few times I needed it adjusted, she sent the epi person in to give me more, which only made my left leg go numb. 
Doc came in a couple hours after the pit was started and I was 3cm. An hour later, checked again, 3cm. "oh youre still a 3. Ill come back in a hour and if youre not progressing we'll have to think about our options (CS)". I was shocked. She only wanted to give me 2hours to progress before taking me to surgery?! Next check, I was still 3. I asked for another hour two more times. After 4 hours at 3cm she said we should do a CS. By now it was around 2pm on Wed and I hadnt slept since I woke up on Tues morning at 7:30am, so I was so tired, defeated and didnt have it in me to fight for longer. On the way to the OR I remember saying its so weird how all the pain is gone and I feel normal, and the nurse said thats how you know you werent in true labor. That kind of stuck with me. I shouldve just asked to go home and wait for labor to start on its own. Taken into the OR and prepped, since my epi hadnt seemed to be working totally, they gave me (a lot) more drugs that numbed me up to my shoulders. They brought hubby in and i kept saying I was going to throw up as I was in and out of sleep on the table. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Soon enough doctor says the first thing she could see was babys face when it should be the back of her head. Sunny side up, the reason for my constant back pain. Hubby got a video of her being pulled out and shown over the sheet to me. Full head of black hair and just beautiful! I was taken to a recovery room where they brought her to me, but because my arms had been numb from the drugs I couldnt attempt to nurse her just yet because I couldnt hold her, which broke my heart. Hubby just laid her on my chest and it was the best moment of my life! 
Cora was born 4/3/13 7.6ibs. I am currently 7mo pregnant again and aiming for a VBAC with a new doctor. They will be 18mo apart! Eeek! I have learned so much through my experience and know that I have a right to say no to interventions, inductions and a CS as long as the baby is ok. Thoughts and prayers for a successful VBAC this time :)

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Re: Elective Induction

  • I'm sorry you didn't have the birth you wanted the first time around, but I'm glad you have found a provider who will be supportive.  Have you considered taking a class?  I took Hypnobirthing and absolutely loved it!  

    I'm sure Cora is going to be a great big sister!  Good luck!
  • The doctor you had sounded like a jerk! I have also done inductions both pregnancies, but first, there was no reason for cervidal since you were already dilated, and also your doctor seemed in a big rush! Make sure you look into he risks of having a VBAC so soon, there are risks of rupture and things like that! So even though you want a VBAC make sure you look into everything. I am having an elective c section becuase mine will only be 15 months apart, and my doctor thinks its best for out situation

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  • @summererobinson‌ they recommend 18mo between deliveries, mine will be 18mo apart and my (new) VBAC doctor never even brought up that that would be an issue.. Every delivery has it's risks but I had to sign a VBAC consent form which, among other things, stated VBAC is safer than a RCS and that risk of rupture is .5% (less than 1%)! I'm comfortable with my decision.. Also, there's an amazing VBAC support page on fb I'm a part of and there are daily birth stories posted, some being close together births :)
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  • @kmt104 I hope you get the birth you want! I dont want a vaginal birth enough to go through it all and then still most likley end up with a c section ( my first i was beign rushed to the OR when they pulled him out with a vaccum, and my recovery was worse than with my c section!)
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